Saturday, February 12, 2011

Beauty Tip # 22: Eyeliner is safe

If you are approached by anyone claiming that eyeliners are harmful for eyes and that they can cause serious damage to eyes and eyesight, it is purely baseless.  There have been numerous search that have been carried out on this particular topic; (as i have read before) however, there has never been an evidence to prove that eyeliners are harmful to the eyes.  Therefore, everyone can continue to enjoy the pleasure of applying eyeliner in order to intensify your beauty and looks.  Eyeliner is perhaps one of the most attracting contraption of vanity.

I am not so into makeup thingy, i only wear makeups during special occasions, but for day makeups, i prefer to just wear a light powder and blush and yeah sometimes, eyeliners, i love 'em!

I use Maybelline's Gel Eyeliner.  Its more easier to apply and it dries fast. It doesnt smudge and its waterproof.

So ladies, you just have to choose the brand of makeups you will use so you wont have any problems, skin irritations, etc. Eyeliners wont harm your eyes as long as you are extra careful in applying it and dont forget to wash it away before you sleep.

For waterproof eye makeup, it may be a lil bit hard to remove with soap and water, L'oreal Eye Make up remover is perfect. You can use cotton buds or a soft cloth for this so it wont be that messy.

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