Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Single Awareness Day!

To all my family and friends who are committed-Happy Valentine's Day. And to those who are single-Happy Independence Day. To those who have broken up-Happy Republic Day!

 Well, Valentines Day is just an ordinary day..though i want it to be special but as they say, it only comes once a year so make the most of it with your significant other. Weh! but was if there was none? preoccupied with something or worse "with someone else" hahaha! So does it mean singles dont have the right to celebrate? 

I went to a mall with my mom..(yea take note of that haha!) Actually, i just accompanied her since i dont have a date (awww haha, but thats okay) And it as pretty weird, i see flowers, cakes, teddybears and chocolates everywhere!!! Ahh, was i so envious of the bouquets haha. Well im not really after the gifts but a simple thought is enough to make my heart smile. 

Oh, along the way i had a minor road accident because the driver stepped on the brake that made us passengers move to the driver's direction..i hurt my left arm again, it would had been better already. Well a minor pain in my arm is more bearable than emotional pain caused by people who dont know how to value your worth.

so that's it. Its SAD! (SINGLE AWARENESS DAY)

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