Monday, July 30, 2012

Gloomy July

So this one is a late post.  we lost our internet connection for a few days because of the typhoon, very strong winds broke the router stand in the roof.  Glad it was fixed.

So there goes July.  Some of my family members and friends celebrated their birthdays this month.  Another year for them and a piece of cake for me...yey!  I spend most of my free time downloading Disney movies at Pirate Bay. Disney Movie Guide list I dont have a very fast connection so it takes 4-6 hours per movie download.  A long long wait.  Rainy days makes me hungry and really very sleepy. Every so often i cook anything that is edible and to satisfy my cravings as well. Why is it gloomy then? Hmm..i dont really know but i do feel it sometime, unexplainable sadness and heavy rains adds up to the gloomy mood, like the sky is crying and breaking down. Too much drama. haha.  It's just something's not quite right and cant figure it out.

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