Wednesday, August 1, 2012

First Day of August

 I just felt a tremendous distance between me and everything real.  Fairytales can be a way to escape the real world coz sometimes life out here is kinda disturbing, like there's always a villain who will destroy your happy ending.  Hmmm? I just wished fairygodmother can always be there to rescue.

How strange it is. We have deep terrible lingering fears about ourselves and the people we love.  Yet we walk around, talk to people, and and drink.  We manage to function.  The feelings that are deep and real. Shouldn't they paralyze us?  How is it we can survive them, at least for a while?  We drive a car, we teach a class, We go to work.  How is it no one sees how deeply afraid we were, last night, this morning?  Is it something we all hide from each other, by mutual consent?  Or do we share the same secret without knowing it? Wear the same disguise.

Start right..end right ^_^

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