Saturday, September 1, 2012

Homestyle Pork Siomai

Siomai is one of my favorite foods. Most of the time, i eat at Master Siomai before and after going to school or sometimes when i go out with friends.  Since i wanted more,  i tried to make my own and satisfy my cravings till i get over it. Haha. At first, i thought it was hard to make but as years go by, i realize how easy it was.  it's just the wrapping that takes a lot of time.

If you want to make your own, here's how:

1.  Wash carrots and onion leaves.  Mince garlic, onions, onion leaves and carrots.

2.  Wash ground pork, drain well.

3.  Combine and mix all the ingredients. -  minced garlic, onions, onion leaves and carrots, 2 tsp sesame oil, 2 tbsp soysauce and 2 whole eggs

4.  Season with salt and pepper.

5.  Marinate for an hour or even overnight.  More marinating hours the better. (Mine was marinated overnight, it was an advance preparation because my relatives will be visiting the next day, less work of mixing for me, just the wrapping and steaming part)
so heres what the finished mixture will look like

1.  Put few drops of cooking oil in a plate before putting the molo wrapper then get one tablespoon of the pork mixture.  (Put oil so it wont stick on the steamer pan)

2.  Start to fold it several times overlapping each fold until it closes.  it looks hard but its easy especially if you get used to it.  The folds doesnt have to be perfect just as long as it closes.  be careful not to break the wrapper.

3.  Steam for 30 minutes.

Optional but recommended:  Saute garlic and chili until light brown. Serve with soy sauce and calamansi.

Yehey! Finished Product.

Its kinda shrunk because the molo wrapper i used was very thin.  You can use/try other brands. (I bought this because this is the only brand available)  he one im using for years was Bambi and Dumplings, its thicker and doesnt shrink after being steamed.

Happy eating! ^_^


  1. Ang galing mo naman Maria! Sarap! Medyo matrabaho siya pero kung ganyan naman karami ang finished products! Sobrang sulit na! ^◡^

    P.S. I recommended this post on Google+. Please visit our blog again to check our newest post and also please click on the Google+ button below it. ^◡^

    Thanks! ^◡^

    1. Thanks! Yep marami na magagawa bale naka150pcs ako since i used 2 packs of molo to sawa na, hehe. Thanks for the recommendation. ツ

  2. ikaw na talaga sis..galing mo sa mga ganito..pwede mo pagkakitaan ang talent mo na to hehe...

    ipapagawa ko nga to sa bro ko..ayaw ko mang aminin pero mas magaling yung kapatid ko sa mga ganito eh..hehe..

    1. Thanks sis! Naku oo nga sana..wish wish wish hehehe. Pwede din dagdagan sis ng more carrots para healthy siomai.ツ

  3. I like cooking but mas love ko talagang kumain. hehehe.

    1. So true! minsan mas okay yung kakainin na lang hahaha. ツ

  4. Wow, ansarap! favorite ko pa naman ang siomai! pwede ko na din pala i-try to kasi meron na kami maliit na steamer..


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