Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Makeup: Smoky Eyes with Eyelash Extension

My sister wants to improve her makeup skills more so she attended Viana Mendez' makeup class. She got also a discount coupon at Groupon Philippines. (a lot of great deals here.)

I am not a kind of girl who wears makeup all the time (im fine with powder/blush-ons sometimes) but i really enjoy and love it when my sister always choose me as her model (no choice hehe!)  So this is one of the many times that i become her model when she practices her makeup artistry. (weeee!) The goal was SMOKY EYES EFFECT with eyelash extension.
She bought this brush set for 2,400peses (discounted) 

This is unbranded but it's soft especially the blush-on brush, it's really nice.  My sister wanted LAURA MERCIER's brush set but its for pre-order basis.  When we visited a branch at Shangrila, the LM lady told us that there will be a great deal promo of brush set this coming Christmas season so we're really looking forward to that. Estimate price was 6,000 pesos up.
She can't wait for the promo so she bought a flat brush for applying tightline. Hahaha. But it's worth it since it has been her most favorite brush ever. (and now it's missing..aww.)


for face
Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
Nichido Loose Power (Ivory Glow)

for eyes
ELF brightening Eye color
Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Eyeliner (black ebony)
Eyelash Extension 
 We bought the cheapest brand of eyelashes since it was just for trial makeup. (costs 65.00pesos) You can use any brand you like, there's lots of choices in SM Dept/Watsons.  

TIP: You can use the cheapest eyelash extensions you can get but never use a cheap glue for the eyelashes, always go for the branded one. You'll never know what will it bring to your eyes.  Well to be really safe, buy at shopping malls and beauty stores only.

for lips
MAC lipstick (girl about town)
  1. Apply light base color.
  2. Blend in darker color, but keep dark color below the crease.
  3. You want to trim the false eyelash extensions before gluing it to your eyes. Put it on your eyes and trim off the excess portions. Sometimes the false eyelashes are way too long and that it will give you a very unnatural look. Trim off accordingly.
  4. Place a thin layer of eyelash glue on the base of the false eye lashes.
  5. Hold it there for 10 seconds to make sure that the false eye lashes are now on top of your real lashes.
  6. Apply eyeliner. Make sure to blend the false eyelashes to your eyes. You can use either a pencil or liquid eye liner right at the inner corner to connect.


First picture was taken with flash, while the other is just with natural light.  The eyeshadow turn out to be like bluish gray but in actual it is silvery black (black fading to silver) it was just the normal smoky eyes, i would love to try the extreme smoky eyes next time.  Yey!


  1. Favorite ko din pag ako napapagtripan na gawing model sa makeup, hehe! Bet ko din ma-try ang smoky eyes, di ko alam kung babagay saken..

    1. Sayang nga walang lakad/gimik after kaya ending hilamos din after pictorial. hehe, talagang napagpracticean lang ako. ^_^

  2. Very nice naman mag make up yung sister mo....hehehe....envy much...di ako masyadong marunong sa eye part....:) thanks for visiting my blog dear...we can follow each other...:)


    1. Thanks sis. Ako hindi talaga marunong magmakeup, gang blush-on lang hehe. Followed you. ^_^

  3. I love the outcome! Sana lang marunong din ako mag make up ng ganyan! hehe!

  4. so your sister is a make-up artist?..
    i like the result sis.. astigin! hehe

    1. THanks..Hobby nia lang sis, she's practicing more para makapagfreelance makeup artist pag may free time xa. ^_^


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