Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hospital Dilemma

Another late post.  I am sharing this experience we had last month that can make you all aware that sometimes there's no such place that we can call "safe".  I'm keeping the hospital's name private to avoid violent reactions.

JULY 08, 2012
It was past midnight when my 5 year old nephew had a very high on and off fever. We rushed him at the emergency early in the morning because his fever wont go down, he had a convulsion already.  Terrified.  We suspected it could be Dengue and really worried because it was the time that a virus in Cambodia killed hundreds of kids for less than 24 hours (who wouldn't be dead worried right?) While at the hospital his fever went down a bit.  he was checked up and then the doctor said that we can go home and just observe for the moment (since the fever goes down already) 

According to them, they can't check if its Dengue or what until it's over 24 hours.  It's annoying but we understand their rules whatsoever.  So we go home.  My nephew's fever went high again, from time to time we were wiping him with cold towel.  The problem is my nephew had a phobia drinking medicines.  He's even scared to hear the word "medicine".  (His phobia started in that same hospital; at age of 2 years old he was roughly forced to drink Tempra) From then on, everytime he sees any kind of medicine he cries and run away so what we do is trick him, mix it with juices and milk but still he can smell it that he even didnt like to drink milk and juice anymore.  For a quick relief, we use suppository just to make the fever go down a bit.

JULY 09, 2112
 We went to the hospital again for follow check up and for the Dengue test.  They advise us to just go back for the results but we insist to have my nephew to be confined at once.  We got a private pedia room.  It was a relief my nephew was negative in Dengue but still worried because of his on/off fever.

JULY 10, 2012
His findings was VIRAL INFECTION.  Infection caused by the presence of a virus in the body. Depending on the virus and the person's state of health, various viruses can infect almost any type of body tissue, from the brain to the skin. Viral infections cannot be treated with antibiotics; in fact, in some cases the use of antibiotics makes the infection worse. The vast majority of human viral infections can be effectively fought by the body's own immune system, with a little help in the form of proper diet, hydration, and rest. As for the rest, treatment depends on the type and location of the virus, and may include anti-viral or other drugs.

He gets better and his doctora said that we can be discharge when his fever gets off but it went terribly high again in the afternoon so another night for us.  Another Dengue test to make sure it was not really dengue at all.  My mom notice the dirts on the floor even when it is cleaned daily. We ignored it.

JULY 11, 2012
Early morning, my nephew suddenly gets itchy, few rashes came out from his back.  We called a nurse then the nurse told us maybe it was because of the beddings so she requested a new one for us.

Lunchtime, my sister was feeding my nephew when she noticed big flakes of dusts from the food.  It isn't pepper coz it was all scattered from the tray, the table and the floor.
CARBON DUSTS! Or whatever dusts it may be it was still dirty! Were in a hospital, everything should atleast be clean, right? We found out that all the dirts and dusts came from the aircon.  Since Day 1 it was blowing dirts on us and we even ignored it.  Now we knew why the floors has always been dirty and where my nephew got his rashes.  We called a nurse again. the head nurse attended to us.  They let the aircon checked and confirmed that it really needs cleaning.  They apologize and said that they will transfer us into a new room where theres available (so that means we have to WAIT) and they will replace the food as well.  15 minutes had passed the new food came, stil no vacant room.  So my sister again prepare the food for my nephew.  It was past 1:00pm already and my nephew hadn't eaten lunch.  A couple of minutes ago, my sister saw this from the Nilagang Baboy (the new food)




It wasn't as harmful as the carbon dusts from the aircon but to see something like this in your food at the hospital is so disturbing.  It was so eeeeewwww! We didnt show this to my nephew coz he might not eat nilagang baboy ever again.  It was so disappointing and this all happens in just one full day.

Another thing, upon admission, we noted there that my nephew has high allergies in anything that contains NUTS so his food will be restricted to it but at the same day they serve a peanut cupcake.  My sister was so mad.  Was it just by mistake or they are really not attentive to their patient's safety?

They are apologizing again and again.

We were transferred into the new room.  My sister requested for a incident report for what happened that day but the head nurse told her that they dont personally give out reports to patients.  My sister insisted they need to make a report or we will direct it to the management.  The head nurse said: "Okay po ma'am we will make it but we cant hand it out to you" So thats the end of it.  We didnt have a copy of the report because it was against their rules.  I dont know.  We didnt push through because we knew we wont get any justice and maybe it was just a small issue.  We were more concerned that my nephew gets better.
My nephew getting better

JULY 12, 2012
My nephew's fever finally went off and we were discharged in the afternoon. 

We were "suki" of this hospital because we always go here for check ups and confinements.  It is only this time we experienced this careless act of this hospital.  This hospital is very popular and this is where patients should watch closely what they eat and check the aircon as well. Got the clue? Don't mention it below hahaha ^_^


  1. Terrible! Then they will bill you the incurred amount but you aren't satisfied with it's service. nakakainis yun!

    1. Yup it was really bad. good thing we have Philhealth atleast the total amount was reduced a bit..bawas inis sa laki ng bill na hindi worth it.

  2. hindi pinapansin bsta-bsta ng mga ospital yung mga ganitong klaseng complaints..not unless maha-highlight cla sa media o sa kung cno mang kataas-taasan..hospitals in the philippines are not properly regulated, certification audits are optional..sabagay, i doubt it..kung irreinforce yun sa mga hospitals d2 sa pinas bka limang ospital na lang ang matirang bukas..
    i have nothing against them, based lang din sa observation at personal experience ^_^

    1. yeap very well said. ^_^

  3. I understand why you were so irritated. In my hometown, suki din kami ng malaking hospital pero yung mga nurses nakakaasar. Kulang sa compassion at minsan hindi pa masarap pagkaing inaabot. Good to know your nephew is now safe.

    1. Hmm nakakainis nga yun ganun maybe they dont like their job or maybe the patient? Pero hindi naman din lahat ng nurses ganun. I just hope hospitals can provide every patient's safety and welfare, mayaman man, maykaya at lalo na yung mahihirap.

  4. not to mention..there are also instances that they give wrong medicine to the patient..buti na nga lang at makulit ako pag may relative akong naka-confine..i usually ask.."anong gamot yan?para saan?patingin nga"..kasi dun lang napansin nung nurse na mali pla yung gamot na pinapainom nya sa relative ko nung ngtanong ako ng ganun,3 beses na yung nangyari sa amin (SO BEWARE AGAIN to this type of negligence)..i just wonder paano na kaya yung mga mahihirap na hndi marunong magbasa at ngrrely lang tlga sa kung anuman ang gawin at ibigay ng ospital tsk tsk tsk

    1. yeah..dapat family/relatives should still be ALWAYS aware of everything inside the hospital.

  5. Aww.. Good to know okay na your nephew.

    The Hospital is so disappointing. Busy siguro maxado sa pagpapayaman ang board ng Hospital na yan..

    Yung AC and cleanliness nang room, ang maintenance dept yan dpat gumagalaw. Pero usually, one man or two man team lang yan kaya nakakainis paminsan.

    Yung food, kahit anong angle tignan wala talaga silang excuse dyan. DOH should always inspect hospitals, d2 sa city nmin may mga monitoring nurse na nagchechek parati. Dapat siguro gisingin ang DOH regional office dyan.

    Sa doctors and nurses naman, may mga maarte talaga na feeling sila lang ang tama. You can actually complain sa Hospital Administration. Pero usually hindi na natatakot ang mga matagal na sa service.

    Just pray for them, God sees everything. Their actions may not be judged here on earth but they will be judged by the Lord. :)

    1. yeah, it was really annoying. Thanks for the concern ^_^

  6. hmmm..saang hospital kaya to?..di ko nagets ang clue..eeeeew ang maggot at ang AC..di sila dapat ganyan kasi hospital sila..nakakainit ng ulo!

    1. oo nga sis. hehe basta popular yung hospital na yun. Hindi naman sa sinisiraan ko yun but i hope our complain was more than enough para maging aware naman sila sa tinatawag na "cleanliness" diba. hehe. ^_^


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