Thursday, September 27, 2012


Already 3:00 a.m. yet still cant sleep.
 Insomnia strikes again..and again.It never fails.

I close my eyes and see all the puzzle pieces floating around my mind.  I hear them and watch them click in place and that when they finally become clearer to me.  I see how nobody can save any one person, but also, how everybody needs someone.  I see how shutting yourself up in a tiny compartment can suffocate you.  I see how bottling everything up and stuffing it down can weigh you down.  I see how sometimes you need complete darkness to see things you couldn't or didn't want to see before.  I realize that sometimes what's real isn't pretty, but what's pretty isn't always real.


  1. parang ganyan lang ako last night..4am na mulat na mulat pa ko..kahit ngaun 3am na pero gising pa rin..ang dami mo ng naisip ang layo na ng narating ng utak mo pero wala pa ring antok na dumadating..

    i hate insomnia...

    1. i hate it too. ganun na ganun din ako sa dami ng naiisip ko lalo ako di inaantok hehe.


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