Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Passion of Writing Online


Back in 2008, i joined blogger but i wasn't active since i was too busy with school stuffs. I just signed up and abandoned my blog after haha. Just out of curiosity. In 2009, i created this blogger account that i have now,  I had no idea what to write about that i know will be readable by everyone.  Yeap, i was hesistant and too worried of what others would say/think about me or whatever i post. Once i thought of posting anonymously, but i realize how silly that could be. I have changed my blog url a couple of times till i finally come up with Maria's Wanderland - Super Wander Girl. Yey!

Why Maria's Wanderland?
A place i can call my own where i can write down all my wanderings through life's endless journey, where i wander about the creative imagination that is unrestricted by reality.

Why Super Wander Girl?
From the meaning of it itself: (in a positive way)
Wander  - to move about without a definite destination or purpose.
                (of the mind, thoughts, etc.) to lose concentration or direction
A girl who wanders and wonders at the same time wherever i go, whatever i do and whichever way life would take me. The ramblings of my mind, daydreams and how superwandergirl sounded like i was a super hero in the making..hahaha.


I used to own a diary for all my thoughts/experiences but i most enjoy writing at the back of my school notebooks when im bored in class. Hahaha. Then i will just tear it off and paste it on my diary. I even make it like a scrapbook-type diary where i paste also those old movie tickets i recently watched, chocolate wrappers from loved ones, even bus fare tickets, all those special junkies that are worth remembering,  But when blogging become so popular and high technology gadgets was introduced, traditional writing become boring, (maybe not everyone..but almost) Since then, i haven't updated my scrapbook diary and ended keeping it in my baul. hehe.


Nowadays, another way to keep memories last longer are pictures and posting them online. It is safe, pictures wont fade and the good thing is you can share it to everyone.. Online scrapbooking, photobooks and a lot more are one of the innovation that proved technology is really getting high.

Will someone still appreciate traditional scrap-booking???  Well, i still do and some i guess.


Major risk of owning a blog/site is that when it becomes too popular someone will try to hack it or mostly, hacking happens to those online shops and will ask money for the owner to have it again. Its like online holdapping.right? I've heard and read some stories about that since i was into online selling before. (on Hiatus Mode right now since im busy with offline work) There comes also the ones we call like: Posers and Haters. Posers will take your identity while Haters will ruin your identity. Everything is possible online. it isn't bad though, it's in just how people use it.

Bottomline: Think before you CLICK.


Growing population of bloggers around the world means a lot of people wants to share their life experiences and their knowledge. That's what the good side of it.  Informations that are helpful and gaining friendship is one of the best things that anyone could get.

So early last year, i become more sociable (yey!) and joined a lot of groups to share my blog. I did gain some blogger friends. Some of them are Pinkline,Fiel-Kun, PrettyHash, Joanne, Lili,  and PinayRN.   It was all nice meeting them and looking forward for more friends. Many thanks to all who visits my blog and to all of my wanderers as well. Much appreciated. ^_^

Till next!



  1. well, i still have the traditional scrapbook.. two books na sya actually haha pero hindi ko na ma-update ngaun mula nung magblog ako hehe..

    go superwander girl..keep it up sis :)

    1. really..share mo minsan sis hehe wanna see if its okay. Me too hindi ko na din nauupdate.

      thanks sis..go pinkline! ^_^


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