Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Meet and Greet: Completely Coco Martin

 So this was last September 09, Launch of the Conviction, Courage, and Comrade Deo Cologne for Men by Coco Martin at SM Mall of Asia.  Go Behind the scene.  The show is supposed to start at 5pm but it started around 6pm and was finished nearly 7pm.  It was very quick but worth the wait.
 The crowd before the show started, patiently waiting, Lucky to have the CCM (VIP Seat) We were seated near the stage and the chance to meet and greet with "papicture". So that's the part ive been waiting for.  I do admire Coco Martin a lot not just because he's handsome but also he was really a very good artist. Plus, he's so mabait.  I already saw him last time when he was on taping for WALANG HANGGAN telenovela (which i really really love and watch since the first time it was aired on tv.)
 So it was announced that the show will start in a few minutes, everybody was excited.  And when they knew Coco Martin will appear already, the crowd was all shouting. NAKAKABINGING TILIAN, As in!
so there He is...
It was really bonggacious especially the part when the confettis showered on stage.
The staff are very strict, nampapaalis sila agad. You cant stay for more than 2 minutes on the stage.   Well luckily i had a nice pic with him. I ask him shyly.
The conversation goes...

ME: Kuya Rodel papicture po..
COCO: Oh sige san ba yun magpipicture?
ME: Ayun po. sabay ngiti. 

Glad i wear blue, same as his shirt color. haha.
 Here is the CCM (VIP Seat), the free popcorn ticket and his autograph.
And a lot of Bench COCOlognes Collection. Hahaha.

So there, it was nice meeting you, Till next Kuya. ♥♥♥


  1. waaaaaah sis super inggit ako!.. super crush ko kaya si coco at fanatic din ako ng walang hanggan.. nakita ko na in person dati si coco pero ang layo at wala kaming pic huhuhu... lucky you :)

    1. mas wafu xa sis sa personal noh, hehe. San mo xa nakita sis? lucky and kilig much me hehe ^_^

    2. sa sportsfest ng bank where i worked before..sya ang guest.. sobrang layo ko sa kanya noon..sarap iuwi eh!hehe

  2. Wow! Nasa MOA din kami ni Robby on that day pero pumunta kami sa Yamaha Motor Show. Mabuti at nakapagpa-picture ka! ^◡^

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    Walk with Shing

  4. Gwapo sya but I don't like him lang when he speaks English. hehehe --but I love his acting.

  5. Bakit naman you dont like him when he speaks english?whats wrong ba!
    i dont care if he is not fluent in english as long he is nice and good person,and thats the most important.

  6. Filipinos really proud of him. Anyway, congratulationsCoco Martin you are a great artist as well as great actor Keep it Idol!


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