Saturday, October 6, 2012

Siomai Love on Teacher's Day


 Here's a short story on how i became a teacher.

At first, I never wanted to be in the teaching field because im such a shy girl, i hate reporting in front of class (i usually absent or come late when i know its my turn to report hahaha) but then it all started with my course.  My first option was Computer Science/Information Technology and 2nd was Entrepreneurial Management but sadly it was both full already (no slots) so they suggest me that there's still a slot for another course, so that was the course i had. (Business Teacher Education) A lot of my classmates doesn't want to be a teacher too, or even the course. But when we reached on our 2nd year, we come to love the course and the idea of teaching others and sharing what we have learned.

I enjoy the most learning English and Tagalog Stenography. 

By the way, my course have two options, office work or teaching. I realized by then, i was so lucky to have what i had. The hard part of college for me was when were having our Practicum before we can graduate. That time, i need to take it more seriously so even im the shyest girl i really tried my best.

Having that course, i have two OJT - office work and school teaching.

Right after i graduated i took the Licensure Examination for Teachers. Waaah 800 questions for the whole day. First set was all about general infos etc and second set was all the subjects.  Luckily, i passed the board. Thank God. That's the time i felt i become official in this field.

Way back then, i handled students both in public and private in secondary level. I can remember how embarrassing my first day on class. I was really shy introducing myself hahaha.

 To sum it all up,  It was a fulfilling experience in a hard way.

“To teach is to learn twice.”

For the teachers who teach from the heart and not only from the book, i admire you all Ma'am and Sir! Happy Teacher's Day again - Most especially to our teachers/professors who helped and guide us to become the person we are today.
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                  “The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.”


  1. nasagot na dito yung tanong ko sa last post mo..hehe pinangarap ko rin dati maging teacher naalala ko na ginagawa kong blackboard yung cabinet namen tapos kunwari nagtuturo ako haha...pero mejo maikli ang pasensya ko kaya siguro hindi ko na naituloy...

    happy teacher's day maam.. saludo ako sa inyong mga guro :)

  2. Hi Maria, curious lang ako... PUP graduate ka ba? kase sister course namen ang BTE sa PUP dati eh :)

  3. Happy Teacher's Day. :)

  4. Happy Teacher's Day! :D

  5. @pinkline, lili and joanne: thanks much! but im not teaching as of the moment..hehe nakikiteacher's day lang. ^_^

    @fiel: yup PUP grad ako.. batch 2007..ikaw?

    1. aw..PUP ka rin sis? ako din kaya haha.. BBF batch 2005..ang galing namen same university pa tau mo to sis sa FB.. admin ako jan hehe...

    2. wow talaga sis! PUPian pla tayo...and i think si Fiel din.

      sige sige like ko yan! ^__^

  6. happy teacher day to all teachers. utang natin ang ating karunungan sa kanila. ang cute ng siomai :).


    1. Thank you Rosemarie..^_^


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