Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Randomness in October


I find this facebook app interesting so i tried it. Actually i got two results because i accidentally clicked it twice. Heres the first result i got.
Let me explain further..

FRIENDLY - yeah oo naman pero im really a shy person so others would think im a snob or suplada. Pero shy type lang talaga.

WELL MANNERED - everyone else is and should be..right?

CLEVER GIRL - also a wander girl.. ooopss no violent reactions please.. hahaha ^_^

YOU ALWAYS THINK OF MAKING OTHERS HAPPY - So this part is one of the truest of it all.
 I always want everyone else to be happy especially the ones important to me. To see/know that they are happy in any way i can makes me happier than ever.

The fact is for people to like us, they have their own reasons and it depends on them if we are worth to be liked or better yet be loved in their own special ways.

The second result i got says: " You're a happy go lucky girl. Positive thinker so all likes it"

Find yours @:--> Why People Likes You?


Last weekend, my mom attended a cooking show in Robinsons Metroeast. You need to buy any item worth 200php so you can join. There are cooking demos and free tasting after, the good part was the raffle promo. Three lucky winners to win Knorr products worth 2500php.  Luckily, my mom was the third winner. Pa-suspense pa.  So heres what she got - Knorr Products, Yummy Magazines with added freebies.  It wasn't that bad, atleast less na sa grocery list yung mga cooking needs.

The Yummy Magazines was full of yummy recipes. It can be bought for 125php. 


My cousin and her wife is practicing their skills in photography and makeup so when they come to visit our house, unexpectedly, i become their model. (no other choice hahaha!)  

I never learned how to put makeups in my own face but i love it when somebody does it for me.. its definitely a girl thing! 

The makeup-an session lasted for 2 hours and an hour for the photoshoot. Over exposed sa pawis. We used our sala as the studio  so the shots are limited. 

It was fun and we enjoy it a lot. 

More practice so they are planning for a re-shoot maybe this coming weekend and luckily a pre-birthday photoshoot for me na rin. The good thing is it's free! No hidden charges! MERIENDA lang ang katapat.. hehe!

So yun, i really wasn't prepared for this really. Kwento ko na din yung behind the scenes..

My cousins arrived late afternoon to visit and to do a makeup practicing.  Hindi ready yung bangs ko!  (A month ago yata, I asked my mom to cut it for me because it was too long and it irritates my eyes so ayun kinalabasan hindi pantay.)  Hindi rin ready yun eyebags ko!!! Kasi nga i had insomnia so i dont sleep normally so yeah, buti pa yung mga eyebags ko, malulusog.  Hindi lang masyadong mahalata because of the edited version my cousin made. But in the raw files, the eyebags are really obvious. But then its okay na din since trial makeup and trial photoshoot lang naman. 

Next time if i cant beat my dear insomnia, i should just use concealer to hide my eyebags. Any concealer brand recommendations? (para sa stage 3 eyebags hehehe)

Im not really prepared buti na lang may bonggacious headband ako that made it look better. The headband was given by my aunt months ago.  I really thought i could not use it. Of course, im not a super fashionista that can wear anything when going out..takot ko lang mapagtawanan, hahaha.  So there perfect timing lang pala, atleast for once, nagamit ko din. 

1. ELF Makeup Palette

2. BODY SHOP Brush on Radiance
    My sister bought this but she gave it to me after. The effect of this is like a shimmery cheeks that shines but the good thing it doesnt glitters. Parang pawis looking na hindi naman. Parang no makeup look din. Hirap iexplain haha. You can apply it over a blush on or just this brush on.  

3. Two Way Eyebrow Cake
    Trivia: It was not good to use Eyebrow pencils in your eyebrows because it will make your brows thin and makakalbo daw.  Instead, use a brush and this eyebrow cake when lining your brows. The same with putting eyeliner.

Daming kaartehan na ngayon ko lang din nalalaman hehe.


Awww. Super emote lang lately because of some random things. Too much drama. Wishful thinkings..that its much nicer to live everyday with no pressures or having that thought that you dont need to prove/explain yourself to someone or anyone..right? Or maybe yes prove and try to patch things up even with the thought that its gonna be broken again. nakakainis. So many things i wanted to say but sometimes drowning myself in silence is the best thing to do. Because sometimes words are never enough to explain how you feel and also sometimes it will just make things worse because you're always misunderstood.

Its not about love but its more about LIFE.

The way to happiness is to cease worrying ab0ut things which are beyond the power of our will. ♥

Till next!


  1. ang haba ng random mo sis..hehe pink na pink ka naman jan sa model pic..pangarap ko rin kayang mag-mowdel..sabihin mo sa cousins mo kung kelangan nila ulet available ako kahit walang bayad..herherher...

    smile lang sis..ok lang mag-emote paminsan minsan basta wag madalas..hehe..

    1. sige ba sis pero sana kasama mo si mikko sa photoshoot hehe ayiiii! sweet..

      aww excited na ko sa part 4..^_^

  2. Lovely post. I love those random stuffs. and ang cute ng quote sa last part :) Thanks for sharing those words.
    14 days till my birthday!

    1. Thanks Nerza. I joined already! ^_^


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