Sunday, November 11, 2012

❤ 11.11.12: My Birthday Celebration ❤

"I'm 17 years old with 10 years of experience."
Months before my birthday, i am really excited and dreaming of how my celebration would be. Most of all, i'm so happy because i can choose the cake i want and whatever i wished for will be granted  Weeee.. But as months pass by, there's this sudden feeling that i wished i can pause the days and bring back last year and i will be Two and Tee Seeks again. But i know that life should be lived forward and not going backwards. In tagalog: "Wag tumandang paurong." hahaha. But i admit i still had that childishness that even my age adds up every year, i still feel young inside and...out? maybe.

Some sorts of problems come and go for the past months, some stayed for a moment so its feels like it cant be that "happy" birthday this year.  I worried too much that my day wont end up so perfect like last year, but i was really wrong. Because this is all what happened that day:

Woke up at 7:00am and attended Sunday Mass and Thanksgiving @ 9:00am. Off we go to One Oasis for the simple family celebration.
This surprisingly huge pizza was my birthday wish. Its simple but this is really what i wanted, Maiba naman. Pizza pics overload and its really a memorable birthday for me.  My mom ordered this 36" Hawaiian pizza at Calda Pizza Antipolo. Free delivery with free big umbrella. Their specialty is the CALDA flavor but i like the Hawaiian flavor. So maybe we will just try the other flavors next time.

I cooked my specialty: Siomai. My mom cooked pancit and fried chicken. Not too much handa. The cake from Red Ribbon was a gift from my aunt. It was really yummy! I love the icing so much that i eat everything that gave me a sore throat after and even until now.

Fun time and random stories with family are endless, i never thought we can have a lot of things to talk about.

I really didn't expect a lot of gifts to receive on this day because the family i have who loves and takes care of me everyday is more than enough for me and that God has given me another year is the gift itself.  Despite all the hardships, i still feel blessed and felt extreme happiness even just for a while.
Nightscape at One Oasis, this is my cousin's shot. The bracelets i love and my remembrance 
of 11.11.12 at 11.11pm with my long-time favorite game, Agent Dash. hehe.
So this is my dearest cat, Nafhu, who also joined me in my celebration. At first he doesn't want the party hat i made im putting over his head. he kept on meowing that almost sounded like "ayawww" until the time he gave up and do this poses for me. We love him as always. 
Again, i want to thank everyone. First of all, God for giving me another year; my family who loves me dearly; relatives, friends and clients who stopped by and sent their warm greetings thru calls, texts, emails and posts. It is all appreciated, you all made my day, happier, brighter and truly unforgettable.

"My life is not a fairytale.
I'm not a princess,
and my prince may never come.
But I'm perfectly happy 
with my crazy, weird, beautiful life 
just the way it is."


  1. Happy 17th birthday Ms. Maria. The best in your life is yet to come. I wish u more success and hapiness in ur life. Pakitim ng siomai. hehe. 1 yr nalang pala debut na. :)

    1. Hehe thank you, oo nga next year debut naman weee!

      Sure kaso naubos na pero yun pizza meron pa. ^_^

  2. Happy 10th 17th birthday Maria! Favorite ko ang siomai at specialty mo pala yun! I love your shoes.. and I agree the more you have them, the happier you get! I do hope na dumating ang prince mo, sayang naman ganda naten kung wala tayo prince no! :p

    1. Thank you Joanne! Hehe yup sis favorite ko din siomai so i learned how to cook it.

      Shoes are girl's never ending wants weee! Yung prince baka naliligaw pa hehe. ^_^

  3. Waaah, so sorry for the late response.

    Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY sayo MARIA!!! natutuwa ako at ang dami nating mga November babies na bloggers hehehe!

    ang cute ni Nafhu XD

  4. First time ko dito... makiki greet na rin ako.... Belated Happy Kaarawan Maria ^_^

    Nice blog!

  5. im so late na to greet buti na lang na-greet na kita sa fb.. saya ng birthday mo..i love the last two quoted sentences.. happy happy birthday again sis..mwah!

  6. belated happy birthday, Maria ;-)

  7. Happy birthday dearest Maria! Followed you!! :)

    The Misty Mom

  8. Thank you all..appreciate it much ❤

  9. Happy Birthday:) everyone deserves to be special during their special day:)


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