Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bye Toe and Tee Seeks

 Getting a year older soon. awwww.

Last year's 11.11.11 was one of the happiest birthdays i had.
A simple celebration at Shakey's where we won an Ipad. Yey! it was so unbelievable at first since the promo is open to all Shakey's branches, the chance of winning is very little.
So then, i just got lucky.

Btw, we finally believed that the promo was real when we had already claimed the Ipad at Shakey's office. Haha. because it took months before we received the claim letter that made us think that it might not be true.

Well, thank you again Shakeys! For that very nice gift last year.


So little time, so much work to do.  I never thought there's so much more in life that i had been missing and those things i planned that was left undone. So frustrating for a bit.. I just hope as time pass by, i can do what needs to be done.  Archieviner's post does inspire me a lot and got me questioning myself as well......

...Why? What? When? Where? Whatever! 


Another year comes another list of wishes, so heres for this year. 2012 wishlist I don't really mean to get everything in my lists, most of them will remain as my wishes that some other day i can have. Well surprises are even better and sweeter than those which are expected. Right?

So for the mega over drama ending note to myself:
Bye 26 (Toe-and-Tee-Seeks)
I'll make the most of the days left coz i know i can never turn back time to have you again. Well, i still love you and the memories i had with you is truly unforgettable.
Thank you for the pasts that made me stronger, the present that is molding me into a more better person and may Success meets me in the near future.

Me Myself and I

"it's not the years in your life that count. 

It's the life in your years."


  1. wow! you're lucky indeed for winning that ipad.. advance happy birthday sis..being 27 is the most exciting for me so far..i wish it would also be to you ;)

  2. I'm completely agree! Like everybody says "Age is just a number"

    Advance Happy birthday. Wish u more success and happiness in ur life. Cheers!

  3. Congrats!!! Wishing you MORE and MORE for your 27th! ♥

    Followed ya!

    The Misty Mom

  4. Thank you sis, archieviner and shari! ^_^

  5. Oh diba super ang saya ng Ipad hehehe.
    Thank u for visiting my blog and for leaving a sweet comment:)

  6. Maria *hugs* November b-day celebrant ka din pala just like meh ehehehe. ang dami nating bloggers na November babies! advanced happy birthday!

  7. i stopped counting my age when i was 27 few years ago.. that's why im still 27:)

    @elizarpalad :)

  8. Thank you all. ^_^


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