Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Top 11: I wish a wish for 2013

2013 is just a month away. This isn't my New Year's Resolution yet, it's more about the things i should have done and/or haven't accomplished yet for the last years. somehow i wish i could. Sometimes no matter how obviously simple those things are, its seems so hard to fulfill. Anyway too much for the drama. hehe.

Lets start with....

 11. Disneyland Tour
Who doesn't want to go here? Of course everyone else does. I want Disneyland Paris. Too pricey, but i know for sure it's gonna be worth it.

10. Masteral's Degree
I should have enrolled before but a lot of things came up that cause the delay. Im still thinking twice at the moment if i really have to or
just continue doing what i really love to do - Designing. But if given a chance, i would like to take up Master in Business Education. Hopefully.

 9. Ice Skating once again
My first ice skating experience was at SM Megamall so many many years ago. I had a lot of fun times there and it's really sad when it was removed last 2009. Now, i want to try to skate at SM MOA, where it has a large, Olympic-sized skating rink. Way too cool!

 8. Photo Scrapbook
It's been a long time since i made a scrapbook. I  miss it so much so im thinking of making it next year. I usually make scrapping personalized stuffs for my loved ones as a gift or simply just showing them i care. Something worth keeping for.

7. Back to Polymer Claying
I started molding clay arts last 2010, i invest a lot on this addictive hobby. I even make own air-dry clay coz buying the clay itself is way too expensive. I even got the chance to sell it online but it didn't last that long. I'm not very good in promoting my items. hehehe. I stopped coz i realized im spending too much time and money on it, i also got busy with other things. And just this month, my nephew wanted to to do some Plants vs Zombies figures (he likes it so much) so i might as well make an air-dry clay for him and maybe try my luck in re-opening business. Yey!

6. Passion for Design
Years back, designing started out as a hobby when editing this and that was simply just for fun until it had become one of my sideline business. I specialize in graphic designs (invitation/tarp layouts, poster/flyers designs and the like) and a bit knowledge in web design. I stopped accepting projects since 2012 due to health reasons but hopefully i'll try to get back into designing next year. hire me, maybe? ^_^

 5. Major Major General Cleaning
Cleaning as in throwing everything that is not needed. We had an extension at the back of our house that seem to look like bodega where some unwanted things we still keep. What exactly are those? Hmm. Plastic bottles, empty cartons, tin cans, old newspapers, etc.


4. Memory Lane
I had thought of visiting back our old house where i grew up and those old familiar places that has been a part of me. Sounds nostalgic, huh?


3. Run a Family Business
Whatever it may be, we want something that will boom in the industry.

2. Travel around all SM supermall branches worldwide
It may sound pretty funny to others but this is one of the things i wanted to do. Just for fun and just because i love to shop a lot. It seems easy but those branches very far from my area may take a while before i can visit especially the ones outside the country.

From the 47 branches in the Philippines, to the 6 branches in China and 1 branch in Guam.
source: SM Supermalls
  I'm longing to complete this quest.  

1. Batanes Dream
Heaven on Earth

Eversince i watched CheChe Lazaro's documentary film in Batanes, i fell in love with the serenity of this place and had always wanted to go here, stay for a week or month maybe.

It's a place i can call, Paradise.

Have you planned for something you want to have? something to do? 
or maybe a place you want to go next year? 
Share them too!
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  1. wow! napabilib naman ako sa mga wish mo ^_^

    sana matupad yan... nagulat ako sa SM Mall -- ang dami kasing SM ngayon... parang naikot mo na rin ang buong Pinas ^_^

    sana matupad lahat ng wish mo...

    Tama ka... Paradise nga ang Batanes...

    1. thank you po. parang trip around Pinas na din yun. ^_^

      really really hope so lalo na yun Batanes hehe.

  2. Good morning Maria :)

    Wow nice top 11 wish list you have here ^_^ di ko alam na graphic artist/web designer ka pala, galing! I want to visit Disneyland too. Kahit yung sa Hongkong lang para malapit sa Pinas.

    Isa rin ang Batanes sa mga gusto kong bisitahin sa mga lugar dito sa Pinas.

    Wish ko na sana matupad lahat ng nasa list mo!

    happy christmas!

    1. Good Afternoon Fiel,

      Hehe thank you, yep nagfreelancing job ako before. Oo nga eh kahit sa hongkong lang pero i really want Paris, libre naman mangarap baka sakali matupad diba? ^_^

      happy christmas din!

  3. you really seem to be a wanderer...

  4. Haha, may teammate ako na goal din ang mapuntahan lahat ng SM! In fairness, sa mga gala namin, hindi nawawala ang SM sa mga dinadaanan! :D

    Gusto ko rin makarating ng Disneyland! Gusto ko naman yun sa Tokyo.. Para sabay na din ang pag-tour around Japan..

    Ansaya gumawa ng photo scrapbooks! Di ko pa na-try ever mag-ice skate

    Sana matupad mga wishes mo for 2013!

    1. really? cool! i thought ako lang yun may weirdest wish tour around all SM hehe.

      At first mahirap magskate pero once you get used to it nakakaadict.

      Really hope so, thank you sis! ^_^

  5. Good luck sa lahat ng wishes mo. SM talaga? hehe. Ang ganda pala sa Batanes. Gusto ko nadin pumunta dyan. Gusto ko rin mapunta sa Disneyland :) Nice Top 11 wish list :)

    1. Thank you..yeap SM talaga hehe!

  6. Ohh I have to include "Disneyland" on my wishlist too! Haha, nice wishlist by the way I hope you can check my blog back! Hope to hear from you soon! Stay beautiful and keep on smiling!


    1. Thank you Shahara. ^_^

  7. Isa sa dream destination ko ang Batanes! Ganda talaga ng place na yan. Medyo mahal ang magagastos para ka na din nag out of the country trip kaya pinapag ipunan pa.

    1. oo nga mas okay yun pag nagpunta dito is matagal makapagstay para sulit na sulit. ^_^

  8. im just thinking an all expense paid trip to Batanes for my birthday wishlist hahaha!.. tara sa batanes, one month! seryoso ako..

    so ikaw pala mismo gumawa nung binigay mo saken na cupcake cellphone! you got skills!

    goodluck sa wishes mo sis..

    1. wow sige basta ba kasama na din ako dun sa "all expenses paid trip wish" mo hehehe!

      When ba birthday mo sis?

      Yup, from my collections hehe. Thank you! ^_^


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