Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Beautiful Affair

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Leon (John Lloyd Cruz) is an architect who loses the will to live after his mother's death. In Vienna, he meets Gen (Bea Alonzo) a woman who suffers from a broken heart after finding out that her fiancée was cheating on her. Hoping to reclaim themselves and move on from their painful past, they venture to find love and romance. However, due to certain circumstances, they decide to part ways. A year later, fate brings them together again, but unbeknownst to Leon, Gen is already in love with another man who happens to be his adoptive brother, Edward (John Estrada) and is set to marry him.

The drama revolves around two lost souls who meet and fall in love in the city of Vienna in Austria.

This melodrama telenovela is just another story that tells us that finding love is the best thing anyone can ever have.  Especially when you are not both expecting to find each other, it turns out like magic, such a pleasant surprise.  That by any chance it makes you believe that it was fate that brought you together.  Love is so powerful - even through the hardest times, it makes everything feels so right, it makes us stronger when we're weak and most of all it gives us the reasons to live. But losing this someone can also give us the most painful heartbreak.

Love comes, love goes.

What if in the midst of it all, something came up that changed everything? For some reasons, you have to part ways and leave that forever behind.

Was it your fault because you become too weak to hold on or it was his/her fault because he/she was too strong to let you go? 

What if fate made your paths crossed again? Would you still believe that you were really meant for each other? That forever is really for both of you.

Forever does few lucky ones but not to everyone. And when love is true enough, that love stays forever in the heart even when the two people aren't together anymore. It never dies inside. it can be ignored for a long time but never will be forgotten. Too sad but true. We can never control the next pages of our love story, all we can do is to give our very best to make the relationship work out when we still have the chance.

"You have to go beyond romance, 
because romance is easy but true love is not."


  1. love builds but also destroys..

    every moment is a chance to find the love of your life..

    ayan sis isama sa collection ng kowts from a beautiful affair..hehe..

    ganyan talaga ang true love :(

  2. Ay love ko yun last quote.. so true! Hindi ko maka-relate sa A Beautiful affair, hindi ko napapanuod e..

    Ouch naman sa .. "Was it your fault because you become too weak to hold on or it was his/her fault because he/she was too strong to let you go?"

  3. Nanunood ka din pala ng A Beautiful Affair hehe. Alam mo, mas gusto ko yung pair ups nila Emi/Leon haha! I find them cute together. Kaso lang bawal pa lang ma in love ang isang member dun sa religious org ni Emi >_<

    Some people believe holding on and hanging in there are signs of great strength. However, there are times when it takes much more strength to know when to let go and then do it.

  4. @pinkline: waaah nakakalungkot.

    @joanne: Di ko na rin maxado napapanood ngayon but nasimulan ko naman hehe

    @Fiel: oo nga, may chemistry ba, kaso nakatakdang si Gen ang kaloveteam nia eh hehehe.

  5. Buti may TFC dito at nakaknood din ako ng A beautiful affair :)


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