Friday, November 30, 2012

Noteworthy November + Cool Blogger Award

My most awaited month ever. Why? Simply because it's my birth month! When it's november, my princessing powers become more stronger, it was like "my wish is their command" as always. haha. Well, but it's not just really about my birthday..come let's see for more noteworthy dates. 

  • Nov 2 - All Soul's Day
Going back to Day 1, It's All Saint's Day, most of the people visit their departed loved ones at Oct 31 midnight until November 1. But for us, we usually go on November 2, its really the day for the souls.
There's just few people when we arrive. We stayed for almost 2 hours. This place is very airy and is sorrounded by mountains. A bit near in our farm and in Mystical Cave, Puting Bato.

  • Nov 11 - My Birthday
After November 2, Im counting the days. I feel a little bit happy, sad, confused and excited at the same time. Happy because another good year is about to come, Sad because i'm turning a year older, Confused because i really don't know what life has to offer me and Excited because im gonna have my cake. Hahaha! 
Here's what happened on my birthday. -->click<-- 
And to all my fellow bloggers who also had their birthday this month,
you are all truly special:

Pretty Hash
Fiel Kun
Astro Naughty

Just in case i forgotten to list someone who had his/her birthday this month, please do comment below so i can add your names. ^_^

  • Nov 13 - Too much sweetness
I really love anything sweet that's why a few days after my birthday i got a severe sore throat for almost a week. What's worse is that the doctor advise me to have a bland diet, no taste on all the foods at all! Awww. My sister jokingly tell me: "Wawa's like you're just eating to survive. bleh! hihihi" Tama nga naman diba? Who would want to eat tasteless foods?? As in no salt or anything at all. And oh, even softdrinks, juices, coffee and milk are not allowed. 
Bland and water diet for almost a week, im really glad i survive and still alive hehe.

  • Nov 28 - Lola Inay's supposed-to-be 92nd Birthday
We really miss her so much it's been two years since she passed away.  I can still remember those times that she always tells us the right things to do and the wrong doings we should avoid.
My lola might be very strict but she has a very loving heart and caring hands. >_<

Photo credit to its rightful owner

  • Nov 29 - Something Special
An ordinary day with an extraordinary somethingness in it. hihi. Oh, its my cousin's birthday, he visited at the house and brought some pancit he ordered. We bought a simple cake and i am really happy to eat tasteful foods after having that bland diet. What a relief. ^_*

  • Nov 30 - Bonifacio Day
 The bravery of Filipino heroes is also being recognized in the Philippines. In the 30th day of November, Filipinos celebrate the courage of Andres Bonifacio who fought against the Spaniards and was also recognized as the “Father of the Philippine Revolution,” and “father of the Katipunan.” -source

Most businesses and schools are closed, but many shops, malls, and recreational are open during Bonifacio Day. Nowadays, many people in Philippines observe Bonifacio Day as just another holiday. They use the holiday to stay at home and gather with family or go on a short vacation to various places of interest in Philippines. Yet, some Filipinos visit the monument of Andres Bonifacio and present flowers to express their gratitude of what Bonifacio had done to the country. -source


 Thank you very much Fiel Kun for giving me this award. I am truly grateful for considering me cool to you as a blogger.  I really appreciate it.

Thanks a bunch!

Anything memorable this November? Share them too!


  1. Happy birthday to you, your cousin, and to your lola...oks lang ung diet....makaka move on ka would be all worth it!...:S


  2. Hi Maria!!!

    Ang dami pa lang mga good memories ang November sa iyo. I am also happy that we share the same birth month and glad you liked the Cool Blogger Award ^_^


    1. Hello Fiel!

      uu nga..bittersweet memories. xempre yun highlight e un birthday hihi. Thanks ulit sa award. ^_^

  3. Happy birthday sa lahat ng November celebrant :) Congrats! Another months and years of happiness is waiting for u. Yey! :)

  4. That's one fun-filled November! Belated Happy Birthday and congrats on the award.

    Thanks for the GFC follow - I followed you back :) See yah around!

  5. ganda pala ng November sa'yo ^^

  6. Andami pa lang nag-birthday ng Nov! Belated sa inyong lahat, hehe! Ang haggard naman nun sore throat moment mo, ikakamatay ko siguro yun, chos! Haha.. Alam mo wala ako gaano memories sa mga lola at lolo ko rin, kasi they died when I was very young pa, wala kami gaanong bonding moments.. Ay naku, ang holiday ko ay nasa work din, haha!

    1. oo nga eh ang hirap kaya kumain ng walang lasa un food. -_-

      aww sad naman nun.

  7. may farm kau sis?! wow! i-tour mo nga ako jan..hehe..

    bland diet?!aaaw parang di ko kaya yan..atleast ako kahit may sore eyes kahit ano pwede kainin kaya ang result tumaba na naman ako..

    namiss ko tuloy ang lola ko sa mother side..she's my favorite among my grandparents..november din birthday nya eh.. nov 14 to be exact!..

    si Hash din pala nov. 1 ang birthday..

    i hope our dec would be more exciting for us ;)

    1. u um mga mangga at santol nakatanim. Mejo no in good condition na din kasi hindi na ganun naasikaso. -_-

      aww oo ang hirap ng bland d!

      Really? hmm nakakamis ang grandparents natin kung pwede lang sana kasama pa din natin sila noh.

      i added Hash na pala sa Nov celebrants. ^_^


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