Wednesday, February 20, 2013


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Have you long as you lack something, you yearn for it without cease. You tell yourself: "If only i could have that one thing, all my problems will be solved." But once you felt it, once the object of your desires is thrust into your hands, it begins to lose its charm. Other wants assert themselves, other desires make themselves felt, and bit by bit you discover that you're right back where you started. That's life. Someone always waiting for someone who never comes home. Always loving some thing more than that thing loves them. And after a while you want to destroy whatever that thing is,
so it cant hurt you no more.


  1. very true... I super agree...

  2. I absolutely agree with this one :)

    You can't never have everything in life. Hindi talaga maiiwasan na meron laging kulang at syempre hahanapin mo ito. Pero I always believe na may tamang panahon para sa lahat.

    I also believe that God has his own time table para sa ating. God is never late, but He's always on time :)

    Ibibigay din nya ang mga hinihiling mo sa takdang panahon :) Kay wait wait lang tayo!

  3. That is deep - and true. I guess that's one of the great mysteries of life.

  4. very true. but i hope walang pinag dadaanan ang nagsulat nito okay? be okay, Maria ;-)


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