Thursday, February 28, 2013

Febvery Doomed

I think of my life as a kind of music, not always good music but still having form and melody. And my life has not been a full orchestra for a long time now. A single note only - and that note unchanging sorrow. It is in the slow, changed life that follows - in the time when sorrow has become stale, and has no longer an emotive intensity that counteracts its pain, in the time when day follows day in dull unexpected sameness, and trial is a dreary routine; it is then that despair threatens; it is then that the peremptory hunger of the soul is felt, and eye and ear are strained after some unlearned secret of our existence which shall give to endurance the nature of satisfaction.

 Errr.. Well, Some good things still happened this February, i just kinda more like it to emphasize the "emo side" mehehe! Btw, this is a scheduled post since i am still somewhere out there. Take care all. *hugs*


  1. I hope you're in a much better mood now than you did when you wrote this post Maria :) February is almost over so we have March to look forward to, who knows that maybe a much better month :)

  2. let's change the bet... a good tempo is waiting for march...

  3. nice layout. very cuttie.:)


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