Thursday, August 29, 2013

August Madness

Updating and filling out the missing post of this blog. Especially this monthly blog i always had of course every month.. If i am not mistaken I've been doing this monthly thingys since 2010. It wasn't really hard but sometimes i don't have much enough time update and quite pressured for whatever i should be writing. It won't always be too personal. That would be boring..haha!

Anyway, as always this month wasn't as good as the past months, it wasn't that bad though. I guess just like less ordinary that passes by so quite slow that gives both happiness and painful moments. Hooked up with e-books which i download and save in the ipad. I can't even hand it down even when it's already almost morning. I guess that was addiction for i become really bored with nothing to do. Err like doing something i want to but can't and doing something i should but i don't. Confusing isn't it? I was always the confused one mehehe.

I was thinking of changing my blog's skin since i had been using it for almost 4 years. Yet every time i attempt to do so, laziness come out looking in the parts i will need to edit, looks really complicated so I'd rather keep it that way..I changed header only twice and tweaked some of the links in it. But this time, i wanted to change it really bad so if there's anyone who can recommend me some helpful sites for blogger how to's codes, i would really appreciate it. I already came out with a colour scheme i want and a design as well. It will be out in this week so please do bear with me for the inconvenience. (I want a domain site too!) someday, maybe.

Till next!

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