Tuesday, August 6, 2013

DIY: No-Heat Curls

Have you ever wanted to have those lovely curls but you don't have a flat iron or a curling gadget to do so? Or maybe you have one but you just fear you're hair might be brittle in time because of the heat? Fear not! Now, a lot of natural ways to curl your hair without using heat. And this is one of those ways. The no-heat/ heatless curls..Yey!

All you need

Turban Headband

  1. Put the headband around your head. I forgot to take a pic of mine so i borrowed this image from google instead.
  2. Then, start by sectioning your hair. Start from the one near the face.
  3. Take a strand of your hair and twist it around the headband.
  4. Gather more hair in section and add it to the first strand.
  5. Continue twisting. Don't forget to tuck the end with a clam or hairpin. See below. 
  6. Wait for 3-6 hours before you remove it.You can sleep with it if you like.
Mine took about 3 hours..I got too excited with the results..can't wait any longer. Oh, It looks like messy curls on me but i love it..Just another day-look. I would definitely try it again next time.
The curl effect differs depending on your hair type. 
Try it yourself and be prettier with these natural effortless curls.

Till next!

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