Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Blog Makeover at long last

For years i had stick to one layout only - just changing headers and that's it. I had always wanted a new one just like everyone else manage to change theirs but i was lazy to do so. Of course, i wanted the best but couldn't think of any concept. Until one day, when life seems to be really boring and stressful at the same time, i pushed doing this super makeover. Little did i know, it added more stress for those html/css codes that doesn't seem to work, though a bunch of trial and errors make it more challenging.

I wanted a wide clean looking layout that means less colors and lighter shades. Also, comes with the organized sidebar and other blog content linkies that i am still currently fixing. Fortunately, i managed to organize my linkables that had been left out and others that are scattered for the past few years.  I find it so annoying that i haven't fixed it before.  I guess that's what they call "perfect timing" for every thing or can be an awesome excuse for being the most laziest person on planet earth. mehehe!

Makeover made possible with sprinkles of fairy dusts from
Code it Pretty
HTML Goodies
Adobe Photoshop
Random search for the background and paris image

I am really satisfied with the outcome that i guess more years to pass by before changing it again.  Just some minor fix and it's all done. So how'd you guys think of the new look? Hope you like it as well.

Till next!


  1. pareho tayo...hehe! just did some makeover in my blog, too. love the colors you used, medyo hirap lang ako sa light blue over white, medyo malabo na ata mata ko. :)

  2. im planning to tweak my layout too if I could spare some time :D something like this also :D simple yet stunning, Im tired of my 3 column layout po kasi, anyways, love love love you new layout :D Blue was my favorite! :D baby blue to be exact!

  3. 2 words for the new look of your blog - very pretty! :)

  4. Nice blog layout! ganda ng color combination, hindi masakit sa mata and fun to read^^*

  5. Thank you all. ^__^

  6. Yeah! I agree your new theme is really pretty! I tried making a layout makeover too but i ended up using pre-made themes to save myself from all the stress. hehehe!


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