Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday the 13th

There is no such thing as bad luck. It's our acts that defines what's gonna happen to us. It's our choices that will lead us to a bad or good situation. It's us alone who choose if we will be lucky or unlucky from those choices we have had.  I don't really believe the urban legend of this friday the 13th some kind of a curse but honestly i was waiting for something stupid to happen but all the waiting come out to nothing. Not even a strange thing or whatever. Anyway, i was thankful coz i was also half worried if something did happened. muhaha!

How about you guys, any happenings you can share about your friday the 13th? Would love to hear em'!


  1. Same here. Hindi rin ako naniniwala na malas ang Friday the 13th. Nasa tao pa rin ang ikagaganda ng kanyang kapalaran. :))

    there's no unlucky day, lahat yan masuwerte dahil ginawa yan ni Lord para sa atin!

  2. I love Friday the 13th! I think it's lucky :)


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