Monday, November 4, 2013

Day 04 - A weird habit of yours

Oh well this 30 day blog challenge makes me really think of what i should answer. So let me share some weirdo habits i have had for the past 20teen years of existence.

  • Half hot, half cold coffee every morning. It should be equal or else...
  • I read magazines/newspaper backwards. From the back to the front.
  • I seldom retouch using face powder in public, i don't know why. Maybe i was really that shy.
  • I always eat the bottom part of a pandesal, leaving the top part (crunchy covering) for last.
  • I usually blow my bangs in upward direction when it covers my face rather than using my hand to fix it in place. It does works for me haha!
  • DUCK FACE when i feel annoyed or just wanting to make pacute.

Enough for the weirdness. You may want to share yours too.

Day four accomplished! ^_^

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  1. I don't think not powdering in public is a weird thing. The others on the list, well, they are a lil weird indeed, hehe... As with my weirdness, well, it's more of being an obsessive compulsive, I always edit the information of the songs in my playllist. They must always have a thumbnail of the album cover, the album where the song is included should be indicated, the year, the genre, and the song number on the other hand should be deleted. I do this to absolutely all of the songs that I download.


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