Sunday, November 3, 2013

Day 03 - Define True love

For me, true love is a strong, deep feeling of emotion with someone you don't want to lose.  Like no matter  how tough the situation is, you'll keep fighting for that love. You wont let go, you wont ever give up. You'll always find ways and reasons to keep on moving just to have and keep that person you're truly in love with. You'll do anything, almost everything just to make that person happy.  And sometimes no matter how painful it could be, it's still the same love you ever wanted. Like he/she's the only person you can see in this whole wide world. No one else - It's just the two of you in everything.

True love is when you feel inspired in any way, it keeps you going, it motivates you to continue living, to plan ahead for the future, it makes you the strongest human being alive yet makes you weakest when things aren't going so smooth between the two of you. Thus, distance wont matter, as they say you don't always need to see each other to be in love, coz it's not with seeing that love grows, but with feeling it with all your heart - like you never felt like that before and believing that this true love has finally found you.

I must say, true love is so pure it can't really be defined exactly what it really meant and yes true love is very rare.

It doesn't have to be just love, it also needs to be true That's true love for me.

Day three accomplished! ^_^

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