Friday, February 28, 2014

February: That so called love month

Maybe because of Valentines day, February is known to be the love month. Every couple is pressured to have that best date ever with their partners while single peeps is quite stressed of at least having someone to go out with (that can be considered as a date, muhaha) though some doesn't really seem to care, it's just an ordinary day anyway. Okay well, i agree with February as the love month yet, i still believe that everyday should be filled with love, not only for that specific day. When you are in a relationship, you should always make your better half feel special in your own way. If you're a guy, it's like courting her in every minute of every day. If you're a girl, it's like showing him how much you love him. It's actually the same meaning in both genders, it only differs in their ways of showing it. Don't just say "I Love You", prove it. Little things mean a lot so much.  Of course, Love is not only for lovers and couples, love is for everyone to feel. Show not only to your partner but also to your family and friends. Everyone wants to be appreciated and loved for who they are.

So I'm quite forgetting about how my February has been. Well, it was full of celebrations and it kept me really occupied that i haven't got the time to write this post before the month ended mehehe! (Better late than never) It's a food month for me because there had been lots of foods from my aunt and sis birthday on separate dates. I've been in charge in cooking everything except baking the cake -_- not really good at it yet so Red Ribbon had saved me for that. What did i cook? Spaghetti, spaghetti and spaghetti muhaha! Bragging a bit of being a cook, i did made some yummy dishes other than spaghetti.^_^

Isn't it magical? Isn't is amazing?

Till then!

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