Thursday, June 19, 2014

Chances, Choices and Changes

It made me realize something that i hadn't quite thought about up until that moment.  It made me realize that no matter how often you see or talk to someone, no matter how much you know them or don't know them, you always fill up some space in their lives that can't ever be replaced the right way again
...once you leave it.

The 3 C's of life - the way i see it.  Three simple words sometimes wrapped with complications. -_- Ooh well.

The possibility that something will happen, either good or bad. We may not always see it coming until the time that it has already took place in our lives. Chances always does lead us to a better side of life  - if only we could take it right away when it knock on our door. Or it may end up like a train passed by that we weren't able to catch.

"Take every Chance you get in life, because some things happen only once."

Most of the time, we get caught in a situation where it is awfully hard to choose. When the mind disagrees with what our heart's desire.  Sometimes we suffer under a choice we never really want but we chose it because it is the only right thing we know that could fix everything. At least hoping it will. Sometimes we get a little bit selfish and just follow our hearts not minding what will happen next.  Tell you what, when you decide onto something especially those big issues of your life, then you get to choose the hard thing and it doesn't make you feel bad at all, (But of course, you will still get hurt but in a way that you know you wont regret) like a hundred of thorns taken out of your chest, it means its the rightest choice you've ever made.

There are choices we regret and we don't. The irony of it, sometimes just because we didn't regret means we did chose the right decision, sometimes it could be the other way around. The worst part could be losing something you can't get back. Most of the common advice: "Follow your heart..." but i guess it really depends in the situation. There are times that you need your mind to take over or at least your heart and mind is in balance so there's no way you could lose around yourself.

"You are free to choose but you are not free from the consequences of your Choice."

I am the kind of person whose not really not so good in dealing with changes. I mean, the word itself scares me a lot. I had that mad advance thinking of how things might turn out to be. But most of the time, i just really have no choice but to let change surround me.

Its not really a bad thing, it only turns out bad when you let the chance pass by or choose the wrong choice - that's when change occurs. Change can be so wonderful when it is like moving out to your own house, being hired or being promoted in a higher position, having new things you've always wanted and a lot more like those things that make you happy. However, change brings that somber feeling when it is about losing, leaving and letting go something or someone very precious to us. It's like losing a part of ourselves that we know can't be filled in by anyone. But as everyone says, be glad that it happened atleast it made you happy once. As far as i know there is love in holding and there is love even in letting go. It's the change that is truly painful for anyone to accept but had to.  It will take time to get out of the sadness it had caused.

"Life is about trusting your feelings, taking chances, finding happiness, learning from the past and realizing everything CHANGES."

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