Thursday, December 11, 2014

Just so Recently...I

Hello everyone! Christmas is fast approaching and i haven't got my wishlist ready yet.
What a rush! Well, im not really into it this year (But i guess making one is mandatory) and im still thinking what i really want. I mean something that i want and need at the same time and most probably it would be something so priceless. Like time. Like love and like true happiness. That's more realistic..isn't?  Anyway, before i endlessly lust with those precious wishes, here's something to share of my recent doings for the last week. I have seen this around lately in other blogs so i was just as inspired to make my own..yay!





Random places around

Aside from work and reading books during free times, I've been hanging out in my extension blog, EN.  My poet-in-the-making soul wanders in there..haha! Those literary compositions which i freely write whenever i just feel like it.  Nothing really personal.  Mostly honest insights in general scope or whoever could relate to it. 

I'm also taking Piano lessons at home but i'm not really that serious with it. It's quite more of just to experience it and as well as to play one good piece.. hopefully. (I'm learning All of Me and Frozen's Let it Go) It was the same like the time when i tried to learn playing the guitar. Well, the fact of owning a pink guitar is an achievement itself for me..muhaha! (After a while it's for display purposes only) Anyway, there's really a lot more things i like to do and i could just feel that a wanderful journey is about to begin this coming 2015. *crossfingers 

When God closes the door, He opens the windows and might even raise the roof. 
Believe everything will fall into place all in God's perfect time. Sometimes He may not give exactly what we prayed for, but it can be more than what we expected. From there we'll realize that if only we let Him guide us, we can never be lost in ourselves. For He alone knows the deepest wishes and anguish we keep in our hearts. He alone knows what we need, who we need and when we need it. Just learn to wait. Hold on.

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