Tuesday, February 10, 2015

TOP 11: Bittersweet Songs

Valentines day is just a few days away. Have you got your sweetest plans all ready? Well for me i guess on that day, I'd be a calendar so I'll have a lot of dates.. (always been so corny..as long as it cracks!) Muhaha!

Anyway, here's something for the so-called love month. I've picked random songs in my playlist and divide them into four - Bittersweet, Second chance Romance, Sad Heartbreaking and Sweet love songs that will be posted in the next coming days before Vday. All the songs included was chosen based on the weigh of the emotion in each song's lyrics, the beat and melody that will touch anyone's heart and instantly set that nostalgic mood. Actually, most of it are my favorites!

Indeed, there's a lot more wonderful songs out there, yet here's my kind of bittersweet songs. Enjoy!

Sometimes when you've been lost for words, music speaks for you. The song lyrics tells completely what you want to say and it explains what you truly feel. Whether you're happy, sad or bittersweet.

A Love that's lost. Unrequited love. Failed forever. Letting go. Trying to move on. 

Whatever it is you may be dealing with in this life, there are those songs that could make old memories go back and some emotions you can't run away from. It's your choice to be bitter or sweet as you remember them.

True, it takes one song (or make that 11 songs) to bring back a thousand memories.

11. Sometimes it's just so hard.
10. Why can't we be with the ones we love?

9. People change so they leave. 
8. This pain tells most about how true this love is.
7. Letting go is not a one-time process. You have to do it everyday.
6. Goodbye hurts a lot.
5. Forever is an incorrect concept.
4. It's hard to lose someone you love the most.
3. No one ever stay.
2. There's love left after all.
1. Always will be unforgotten.

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