Wednesday, February 11, 2015

TOP 11: Second Chance Romance Songs

Longing for the past to come back?

It's a sweet, terrible feeling to stay inlove with the past. When everyone else is moving on with their life, you get stuck on the same ground where you were left behind. But you don't care much at all. Because you believe that the love you had is meant only for that someone who's still in your heart but not in your life anymore.

They say love is sweeter the second time around. That's because you already knew what your mistakes are, your shortcomings and probably you won't be doing it again. This time, you'll both be holding on and will never ever let go. But the sad truth is, not everyone get their share of a second chance with someone.

Would you dare to hope for a second chance? Anyway, these songs are truly worth a second chance to be heard.

11. Can't say No.
 10. Waiting for that magical moment.
9. That same old brand new feeling.
8. Ever hoped it could be that easy?
 7. Never ever will let go..again.
 6. The person may have left you, but stayed in your heart.
5. Alone but heart's never empty.
 4. Someday?
 3. Always been you.
 2. A chance of infinity.
 1. True love never dies.

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