Sunday, March 29, 2015

March Away

Summer is officially here!

As much as i want to sound happy (though i really am) i admit this past few months wasn't that good. For whatever that is, it's just very heartbreaking to leave out details. I just really thought it's gonna be a happy start and never-ending. Yeah, I'm a sucker for forever even though i don't believe in that much anymore. Maybe all part of God's plan or it was just all messed up because of a careless mistake, a clear misunderstanding or an effin' selfish-less choice. I don't really know.

I really miss how life used to be. But, i might as well, learned to accept the fact that things around me have changed. People change. and i guess i will. 

Anyway, hope everyone will have a safe and blessed Holy Week! ^_^

"Let Go... Let GOD."

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