Monday, March 23, 2015

Starbucks: My Coffee Journey

Starbucks is my most favorite cafe ever. Love the ambiance, especially at night – all nice and cozy. It almost felt like being home! I enjoy going here with my friends and also, mostly during "me times" where i spend hours reading..or writing..or sometimes, just pleasantly watching busy people pass by, while indulging with my caramel macchiato, those yummy pastries and some good music that sets me in a content mood all the time.

Also, this is a place where a love story had began. Shared the sweetness in every bite of heavenly desserts. Savored the intensity in every sip of espresso and frappe chills.  Even enjoyed the warmth of the comfy couch situated in that most favorite spot as if those happy moments were endless. Well, as bitter as any coffee, this is also, again, the place where that love story ended.

Though, i may just want to add, a friendly intimate connection may have started if only it wasn't ruptured.

Indeed, i have bittersweet memories in Starbucks that i guess i'll be keeping forever for as long as i could. Even so, this will always be a delightful place for me to stay.

Anyway, a week ago, i came across a Starbucks giveaway which i excitedly joined myself in. It caught my attention for two reasons: (1) It pretty challenged me of what my coffee journey is all about. I mean I've been going in this place a lot of times before yet i seem to have overlooked the goodness in every visit. (2) I've been wanting a planner, that if ever i win this, it would definitely mean something to me.

Though the truth is, i'm more of a silent reader and seldom join online giveaways in such generous blogs because i think my chances of winning isn't high. But of course,  i do try my luck sometimes. And so i never thought i could get so lucky enough with this awesome prize.
Honestly, i wasn't expecting to win this giveaway (but of course hoping i will) so I'm really surprised when i received a notification email last March 15, 2015 that I've won. Yey! Actually at first, upon seeing the subject title, i thought it was an email for all those who joined informing who won, until i saw my name on it. Yeah, that was quite a dumb thought.  I got so overwhelmed that i still can't believe in a few minutes and then cheering out loud for the next half hour. OMG, i really did win something online for the first time ever!
My crooked handwriting showed how much excited i am to write my name on it yiii!
I'm quite sure that the continuance of my coffee journey will be fantastic most especially that i have this SB planner to keep all my wanderful experiences throughout the year. Thanks much again, Candice for sharing this with me. 

                                                                                                                                    Till next! :)

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