Friday, May 8, 2015

Antipolo's Maytime Festival: Procession at Via Dolorosa

Formerly known as "The White Cross," the place is now known as Via Dolorosa at Pinagmisahan St., Antipolo City. The grotto-like hill is now a very spectacular pilgrim site where regular masses and “alay-lakads” are held. On top of Pinagmisahan Hills are the enormous White Cross and the outsized image of the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. Life-sized images of the station-of-the-cross can be seen along the way to the top of the hill which sacredly reflect the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. -source

There are so many wonderful places in Antipolo to visit and this one is definitely one of it. The surrounding was in perfect hues of blues and greens which adds to a very peaceful sight. Birds chirping like a sweet hymn of angels singing up above the clouds. It almost felt like one step closer to heaven. Really. Because it was so high on top of the hill. You can feel the divine presence that it is absolutely the best place for contemplation and heartfelt prayers.
Also, they say that when you whisper your sincere prayers and deepest wishes to God, He will grant it. And so i whispered to Him my heart's desires and with utmost faith, I believe He will grant it..
His will, His time.

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  1. Hi Maria!
    Wow, I missed visiting here :)

    Parang nakita ko na yang malaking white cross na yan dati on our way to Antipolo Church.
    Via Dolorosa na pala ang name ng lugar.

    Mejo mabagal ang loading ng blog mo. I dunno kung sa connection ko lang ba or sa mga apps/codings dito >.<


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