Sunday, May 31, 2015

May Madness

Time passes by so quickly and here I am again with another not-so-late month end post.

May has been a month of beaching, books, addictive TV series and foodies. Sadly, I haven't written so much book reviews this summer as I planned but I'll try to make some before school finally resumes. I am thinking of sharing a bit of summer getaways too, that is, if i won't be too lazy for those stuffs. Not really feeling good lately. Still stuck, my thoughts are always somewhere else or did I just realize that whenever someone would try to catch my attention. Anyway, looking forward for things to fall into their right places.

I don't know why but I'm kinda fond of doing challenges like this #100HappyDays. Well, maybe for me to see what made me happy that day sometime ago. So these are my top 3 picks - First, Snickers isn't my favorite but it did make me happy even just by looking at it. Second, I do know it's not nice to play with food but i did need to cheer myself a bit so my snack meal smiled for me. And lastly yes, books are my forever happiness. 
I never thought of applying for a postpaid line again, but hey i just did. So far this is the best deal I've seen so I guess it'll be worth it. I just hoped they also made these units in pink or red in color. That would really be wow for me.
They say, "When you can't decide, just take them all."   
Tang: "You're not gonna replace me with this new one right? please tell me I'm much cuter and cuddlier than that overly big-eyed kitty..can't you see? ..and we've been together for almost a year and that whatever kitty just came yesterday. Make sure there wont be any changes around here..or else..."

Tang kinda looked jealous so it seemed like he's doing he's very best to look really adorable. Haha! please forgive the messy background. ^_^ That fear of being replaced? Sucks.


Sometimes i hope a part of life would be like "school" so whenever June month arrives, it will be automatically back to that part..well, back to you. I suppose. But that don't happen always. ikr.

 Too often, feelings come too soon, 
waiting for thoughts that come too late.

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