Monday, August 31, 2015

Oh Gosh

They say, August is a month when the portals from other dimensions are open and that lost spirits are wandering everywhere. I just dont know how true. click here maybe But yeah, whenever this month arrives, it does creeps me out a bit.

August (Agos) is also somewhat known to be the "go-on-with-the-flow" month (or that was just from Maria's theory) wherein whatever may happens, just happens - whether in good terms or bad. Well, for me, whatever those beliefs are, i still believe everything that happened or will happen depends on the decisions we make and/or the actions we take. Though, sometimes, just sometimes, some things really get out of control and the only choice we have is to accept it as it is.

Oh i kinda feel a bit envious and crazy over these little things around me. I've own the powerbank for about 3 years or so while the phone is just from this year so they've just recently met (haha!) and yet they are so inseparable! Ugh. Silly me to do this (and yes, weird!!) one afternoon when i was charging. Oooh the heart takes a bit of effort to form into that desired intentional heart-shape muhaha!

Right there, this hugotfeels in my mind that goes like....

Phone: You are always there when i need you and never a time happened that you let me down. What will i ever be without you? Please stay with me always. i badly need you..and maybe, i love you, too.

Powerbank: You know the heartbreaking truth is? Its hurts because you only remember me when youre nearly getting drained. While you enjoy all the time for your own benefit, here i am waiting for you, always have been waiting and wondering if i ever crossed your mind even when your battery's half full..or is it really just when you're running empty? I dont know. Do you even love me? Because i do love you. And even when things gets complicated and too unfair, ill never leave you. Ill be right here. I promise.

Too dramatic eh? Anything, anytime, anywhere - may hugot talaga. ugh. muhaha!

I terribly miss blogging, like those times when i can write something almost every week. Ooh so many thoughts, so little time to sort them all out. Good thing there's Tumblr where it is more convenient to post that at-the-moments thoughts. So for the times I've been away in this wanderland, i am in that other wanderland, once in a while. I remember creating this account several years ago just for the sake of having one. Nothing else. Its mostly for reblogging relateable photos and more until recently i had been hanging around here and find it a bit easier to share thoughts and its really fun to know more bloggers there and here, stuffs like that. 

And hey, from all the other thoughts i had in mind, that one above was my favorite. It's true..isn't it? Sometimes, we feel more or less, but not enough for others or those we loved the most. The flaws and other things become too distinct. ugh. Anyway, i hope we can all have that someone who can be happy and so much inlove with us in all the good, the bad and even the ugly that are sandwiched together within ourselves.  

Lastly, those anon messages are a bit mysterious but i love answering some of it - and most of it which i dont feel like posting anyway..saahreee. And the thing with being friends with someone who doesnt want to be known in the first place is somewhat scary..but maybe, just maybe.. it wouldn't hurt,  its just like bumping into a random stranger down the road, saying hello and all and probably after that sudden interaction, chances are, you wont cross each other's paths again or so those random relation will just be like episodes of one's existence that can happen from time to time.
The rain stopped...but the tears on my window remains. I loved it, anyway.

Bye Auggie, till next time.. if ever there will be. 
Hey September, just be good.

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