Monday, September 28, 2015

Wide awake when September ends

BER months are finally here! Do you hear the bells ringing already? Yes! It's that time of the year when families are reunited and old friends meet for a lot of catching ups. I can't wait for that!!!

Hoooray for September! Presenting the SuperWander (probably..weird) Girl in her newest digi-mask. muhaha! Forgive the craziness but anyway, i do love my pigtails there.

There had been a lot of surprises and changes for the past few weeks, it may not be all good for me but i hope it will all be for the better of everyone i truly care about.

Words are getting lesser each month so as usual, just photo sharing again. ^_^

Just few proofs that you'll believe how qualified i am for being weird. 
Well maybe..just maybe, i'm more than that. hihi. Oh, i just love smiling foods.
The first and (maybe the last time) i'll make this experimental kitty pancakes, It's damn hard to manually shape them in the cookingpan, i got a lot of little red burns in my hands huhu. I dont know if i can find a molder or something for future attempts. But anyway, atleast me and my nephew enjoyed it. He was like "wooow tita its cute!"
Breaks in between.
They say, this coloring thing can make your stress go away and somehow let your mind be relaxed. I dont know how true but that isn't effective for me, coz I've been stressed out in choosing the right colors to use, afraid that I might ruin the design. haha. Oh my. 
Maybe sometimes, in the midst of everything, we all end up asking "Why me?"
I love rainy days. i just hate it when it gives that shivery cold feeling.

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