Saturday, October 31, 2015


...whaaaat happened October? 

All i ever know is that it was a very tough month. Everyday was like a struggle..well definitely lucky to survive it all.
I've always wanted to have my own kitty paws but not really that dying-to-have-so-will-search-everywhere-to-find-one. Though i know there are some sold online, i just don't feel safe purchasing online anymore, (or for now) chances are it may not be delivered on time or maybe not at all. Anyway, this handmade kittypaws is actually a last minute idea (to add for my halloween costume) and so it's not really perfectly done or just atleast it will look like paws with claws. Haha! I used black gloves and felt papers to make it.. taaaaadaaaa! 
Looking back, I really had no idea what got into me to join this artsy challenge. I mean, I do love art but like i said in my dramatic intro post, it kinda doesnt love me back the same way. I really admire artworks that are neatly done and well-detailed. How i wish i could do it that way too coz obviously mine was all messy and very kid-like drawings.. muhaha! But oh, im a bit proud of myself to keep up and had finished this Wonder A Day Challenge. Whether i win or not, i am grateful for this creative experience that resharpen my dulled art skills. I remember those days when i can't think of any concept to draw/illustrate and it kinda stressed me out coz i dont wanna miss and fail right in the middle. (Entries must be uploaded on the assigned day) But im just so relieved and happy coz i made it. Yes I did!

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