Thursday, October 1, 2015

#WonderADay1: Travel Goals

Italy - To be in the "city of love" is the best dream destination ever! The place itself is quite romantic. Anyway, the first thing i'll do here is to visit a relative whose a priest. (Coffee and pizza too please?!) 

England -Few years ago on my trip to Grand Cayman, i stayed at the Heathrow airport for almost 11 hours while waiting for my connecting flight. It was awfully sad not to go around the nearest places there in London (which is actually still quite a bit far in the main city). So i hope next time, this place will be my destination. The red bus joyride and princessy feels at the Buckingham Palace..yay!

Batanes - Of course theres a lot of wonderful places in the Philippines and this is one of my favorite dream place to be stranded in -  the serenity of being sorrounded by endless hills, breathtaking views and scenic spots. As soon as i get here, id run to the ever famous "Honesty Store" becoz somewhere in me, in this life, i want nothing but honesty and truths. Actually, we all do. ✌

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