Wednesday, September 30, 2015

#WonderADay: Kulayful Ka-ARTehan

"It is almost that most wonderful time 
of the year again!" - @GetFILED 

 Sometime ago, i used to sketch a lot, draw anything something like that, mostly dresses and figures to express my moods and emotions. I do have random collection of art materials and im so fond of buying all kinds of coloring tools whenever wherever. (Last time, I bought a canvas and set of acrylic paints but haven't used yet, maybe i want that kind of feeling an artist imagining i can create a marvelous art in there oh hopefully someday..hah!) 

That time came when i become really busy and occupied with other important things to do. (or maybe that was just a perfect excuse to run away from Mr. Art N. Crafts) I barely touched any of my pens nor let my kaARTehan flow..all was kept in a huge box hidden somewhere in my room. (before it was scattered anywhere in my desk.) I dont know why. Maybe, i do love art, but sometimes, just sometimes, maybe it didn't love me back the same way. (hugotfeels? muhaha!) 

Oh anyway, you might be thinking already that im good with this art thing. Frankly, I'm not. I can't even say im an artist, well rather just being maARTe. My way of art doesn't always look amazing in spite the fact that I had put all my effort to come up with such artworks. But hey, i do believe i had that creative mind, just that the outcome of my creations are quite messy and pretty unsmoothed. haha!

Few days ago, when i saw GetFILED's #WonderADay Challenge, all of a sudden, I felt like the creativityswitch inside me turned "on". At first, i hesitated but then i finally decided to join..yay! (Im a super wander girl, why wouldn't i refuse to wonder? yiii.) Well yes, I am well-aware that im not really good at scribbling, doodling nor coloring and it's a bit risky and very challenging (for me) to do something that requires artful concept and creativity (forget neatness please? waaah!) but then, for whatever happens, i'll surely very much enjoy this challenge..and it will definitely be a memorable one. Im certain to complete the 31 days of #WonderADay and ofcourse, hoping to get lucky, too..yay! *fingerscrossed

 Thank you GetFILED for this wonderful challenge, for a chance to win awesome prizes and an opportunity to express every day in such a meaningful and artistic way. far can my ka-ARTehan take me? Let's see!

 Ready..set..Wonder A Day!

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