Saturday, January 16, 2016

#366DayswithMaria: January

1/366 🌻 #writefulthought

New year.
New cup.
New me. 🌻

2/366 🌻 #writefulthought

It's time to let go whatever's weighing you down or making you feel sad. Dont get stuck. Be one step ahead and always..always choose to move forward. 💖

3/366 🌻 #writefulthought

Just a girl standing in front of a guy, feeling so grateful that of all the billion people around the world, they've met.
And in the rare instances, how that moment is really almost...fated. How both wasnt looking yet found each other. How out of all the wrongs, something happened so purely right. 💖


4/366 🌻 #writefulthought

Time is short. Dont replace real memories with ones in threads that can be deleted anytime. Make bonds mean more than just that.

5/366 🌻 #writefulthought

What we see really depends on how we look at something or someone.

Coz sometimes, we tend to focus so much on the big picture that we fail to see the small details that made it as a whole.

There are lots of tiny parts in a thing or a person that make it so special and unique, no matter how perfectly wonderful or terribly flawed, each has its own greatness that deserves to be seen and appreciated.

6/366 🌻 #writefulthought

Once in a while, dont hesitate to try something new. Whether its big or just a small thing, who knows, not only you might discover a new passion, you can also learn new things and have truly extraordinary collection of experiences that'll make you feel proud as well those people around you.

Yes...Just do it!

7/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Each one of us has lost something important or someone we love dearly. Some are lucky to have them back, while most cope up living with the gaping hole in their hearts as they continue to move on.

Life, like a donut with a hole, sometimes we do feel empty but no matter how painful and hard life gets, still, it will always be sweet.
And there comes a time, you'll be whole again, the holes will be filled in and you'll turn into that bavarian kind of donut with fresh new feelings. (err fillings! Hihihi 😁✌)

8/366 🌻 #writefulthought

Dare to find light in every darkness.

9/366 🌻 #writefulthought

The overwhelming crowd of devotees never fail to amaze me. How countless people are gathered from all around the nation to celebrate the Feast of the Black Nazarene. Indeed, very momentous.

There were some commotion but most are quietly praying while waiting for the Nazareno procession to pass by. Everyone else endured the heat, sweats (even smells) and very crowded spaces.

To have strong faith and undying devotion are the best armours we should always have.. not only for today, but in every moment of our lives.


10/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

----> Since the time i got my phone, i havent changed its mobile theme. Tho I dont really find it boring (coz its also somewhat pink anyway) but then a while ago i curiously tap ThemeStore and found this "Cat and Star" which is under Character Themes For Kids. Ohh yes, i dont mind downloading it at once. Haha. Pleeease. I so love it. <----- 🌻

Be open to changes, whether big or small, it might sadden you at first, surprise you right in the middle but definitely will give you happiness and contentment in the end. And yes, a door to bring a whole new possibilities ahead.

11/365 🌻 #writefulthought

Make explorations about finding the truth, it will always lead you on the right path.

12/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Because sometimes, Happiness can be found in a plate of food. 💖🍴🍝
13/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

So this morning, she thought as she stares back at her cup of coffee..

Why force yourself to do things you dont like, why say words you dont really mean, why stay or go in places you dont want to be?

Its quite easy. Just LIKE if you do. Dont pretend if you dont.

Be true to your likes and dislikes. Just dont forget to be polite. K.

 14/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

"Closed eyes, heart not beating, but a living love." .

🙈...I know and always want to believe that he's not truly gone. He's just somewhere faraway that's why we couldn't see him anymore. His love is alive and he will be forever in our hearts.

We miss you so much Uncle 😢

15/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

In the darkest, chaotic moments of her life, somehow, she always choose to gaze upon the beauty of the stars. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

16/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

And so she got this says, "as much as possible avoid emotional outburst. Focus on the problem and not on the outburst. Separate the people from the issue and know when to walk away."

So true right?

We all do have that "hulk moment" when we get out of control coz sometimes, we become too emotional that we lose track of the real issue and so we get easily diverted by the conflicting thoughts.

There could be times when disagreement is over-empowering that it's much better to stop than to push hard on something that doesn't match. Letting the situation cool down for a while or walking away from an argument could save both parties from breaking.

17/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

We are all blessed.. either recognizable or in mysterious ways.


18/366 🌻 #writefulthought

---> This afternoon, little nephew gave me this gravy as a surprise (from a birthday party at his school). Srsly, I dont think i told him before that i like gravy but maybe he remembered im always asking for extra gravy whenever we order takeout food. So he noticed that. And It was quite really sweet 💖 <---

Most of the time, its the simple things that can truly melt our hearts and whatever those things are, its the THOUGHT that always counts.

Also, isn't it the sweetest when people know little details about you even when you aren't telling them anything? They just knew coz they pay attention closely on you coz yeah probably, they care a lot.

19/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Sometimes, when we feel down, we wanted to be alone for a while to feel better but most of the time, it really helps more when we are sandwiched by the people we love coz just by knowing they are there for us can instantly lift our spirits and bring us back on track.

20/366 🌻 #writefulthought

People walk in our lives just like others have to walk out of it. No matter how we wanted to keep them, we just can't.

Some things are just out of our control. Just like the feeling we have over these circumstances - the grief we had when a loved one dies, the painful rejection when the person you liked dumped you, the misery when your partner suddenly broke up with you, the bitterness when someone replaced you, the confusion when someone close to you become distant, the sorrow in every goodbye and separation. When any of that happen, no matter how deep the emotions are or how strong the attachment may be, you simply have to detach a part of yourself from them.

Detach if you have to. Sometimes it's the least you can do to save yourself from falling apart. Yes, it's tormenting pain to gain and lose at the end but we need to understand that some things can never be just like some people can't stay in our life. There are some lessons in this life that we can only learn in the hardest way.

 21/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

"Convenience and Comfort kills Love." 

Love is not always being happy and comfortable all the time, it's more of the inconvenience and discomforts encountered along the way yet still remain happy and contented with each other. Love, it's a form of sacrifice and enduring the pain of every hardship in this world.

Acts of love, never to be defined at all,
only to be appreciated and felt with the heart.

22/366 🌻 #writefulthought

Easy when it started. Seemingly difficult in the mid-end. One last missing word to reach the next round, is it really the time to give up?

A few moments lost in trance, she smirked and typed in "Magentas"

To her, It was more than just a game, rather a sign, maybe a call from the universe telling her to just keep on fighting, continue taking chances, the events in her life maybe somewhat twisted but time will come it will be fixed. In God's time --- everything will be alright.


(The signs were all there, for anyone willing to notice.)

🌻...Aja aja hwaitiiiiiing! 💪

23/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Maybe, just maybe, the signs were all there, the clues are all scattered everywhere for each of us to notice..and find its significance in our daily lives. 😻

Out of the blue, i got this! Very surprised and yea i do believe its a sign, that one day im gonna pack my luggage to travel (again) and see more wonderful places around the world along with this kawaii tag and hopefully, also with the person who gave me this.
Please God..universe and stars..aja! 💖 *crossfingers

24/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Love is like a flower, it blooms in slow pace, or sometimes just grows so suddenly. It does take a lot of hardwork to keep it alive and so..for it not to wither.

25/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

For no matter what happens, wherever life takes you, especially whenever you feel down, dont ever forget that you are, and will always be special --- to God as His masterpiece and to all the people who care and loves you dearly. Of course most importantly, FEEL special about yourself. (coz you are!!!)

....(And so i love this glass.. somehow it reminds me. Haha. ktnxbye. ✌)

 26/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Cold is not just when its storming outside and you dont have a blanket to cover you. Not just when the aircon's set too high and youre freezing coz you dont-know-where-you-put-your-jacket. Not just when it's snowing all over the place. Not just when somebody lost a heartbeat. Not just when you are badly hurt so you dont want to care anymore. Not just any other reasons you can think of.


Coz..maybe, just maybe, cold does make you shiver a lot. Which..only means you can feel --- youre a little less undead --- and to taste cold, it can be just..sweet. 🍨

 27/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Dare to be different. Feel proud to stand out among the rest. Be amazing in your own way. 👍

You cant please everyone, you cant expect them to always like you. You dont have to seek too much approval of those people around you. Its okay..what matters most is that youre being YOU.

28/366 🌻 #writefulthought

Sometimes in life, we get sad which makes us frown (or cry) and be in that grumpy kind of mood. But..come to think of it, most of the time, life does gives us a lot of reasons to be happy about, which are all definitely worth smiling for. ^______^

29/366 🌻 #writefulthought

Instead of craving for the presence of those who left during the dark moments of our life, its best to feel grateful for those who always stay with us as we encounter dark paths in this so-called-life.

30/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

The truth is, sometimes no matter how hard you try, some people dont see and (maybe) refuse to know you as YOU. They see you in a different perspective which is terribly frustrating to argue with. They tend to rely only on what they see and feel towards you or in a related situation - not on the truths piled up underneath; not on your point of view. They fall on the false image of you created in their minds and somehow they believe it all as factual, even when some of those parts aren't really the "exact you." 😑
Its so wonderfully terrifying. Isn't it? Just like this sunflower i saw earlier ----possibly, it doesnt matter if its real or not, coz in a glance, it simply looked like a typical sunflower.🌻

31/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

You can run fast or walk slow..👣 The choice is yours. Coz its not always the speed that matters, what matters most is that you still continue to keep moving --- even when deep inside you just feel like wanting to stop. ..cease to exist.

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