Friday, September 16, 2016

#366DayswithMaria: September

245/366 🌻 #writefulthought

Coz sometimes, all that's needed is a little more hope to look forward and a little more faith to keep going. ⛅

246/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz some things only gets harder when you already know from the start that its not the right thing to do yet you still go for it. Thinking that it can make you happy or satisfied even when its clearly improper actions. Still, one cannot escape the consequences it will bring, in the long run. πŸƒ

So maybe, the safest way to be truly happy is to always choose to do what's right. ✔

247/366 🌻 #writefulthought

Coz if life comes with guide instructions, then maybe it will all be easier to live in this world. We can instantly know what to do and where to be without losing our way and being stuck in the wrong path. But somehow, that makes life truly exciting, to be full of mystery and surprises. We never know that in the midst of being lost, it makes us seek and find the best version of ourselves. πŸ’ͺ

248/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz it takes courage and effort to say NO instead of a yes. But sometimes in life, we must learn to say "no" to whatever, deep in our hearts, we truly do not want. To say "no" to things out of obligation and against our will. To say "no" to treating others more important than we do to ourselves. We dont owe anyone an explanation, for it is with our decisions that we can be at peace, we just have to know the right balance of when to confidently say yes and when to fearlessly say NO. πŸ™‹

249/366 🌻 #writefulthought

Coz any person who is carrying a lot of burden and facing numerous challenges in life, needs time to chill sometimes. To be able to rest and put down all those worries, even just for a while. ❤

 250/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz we all need someone who will hold us dearly and will never give up on us no matter what the circumstances may be. πŸ’•

251/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz you cannot see anyone's pain and yearning unless its been exposed to be visible to all. But i guess the thing is, people do have baggages they bring with them everywhere they go. The only difference is most of them hide it in their pockets while some carry it on their backs. Shockingly true. πŸ‘€

252/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

"One is a mother to lighten the darkness. One is a mother to shield when lightning streaks the night, when thunder shakes the earth, when mud bogs one down. One is a mother in order to love without beginning or end."

253/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz sometimes, we may not always get what we exactly prayed for but His own solution to our distress and desires is always, always far better than any we could conceive. ❤

"Keep calm and have faith." πŸ’ͺ

254/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz if you search for imperfections, you'll surely find them.

255/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz they say, "if you like a flower, you pick it. And when you love a flower, you water it daily." 🌸🌼🌹🌻 I guess, like means wanting to get hold of it at once, own it without worrying even it will only last for a short time. While love means showering it with care and attention all the time. So as it grows, love continues to deepen and a strong chance that it will last a lifetime. ❤

256/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Because how can we expect for things to fall into place when we keep on choosing the pieces that won't ever fit. πŸ˜‘

257/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Get ready for the next opportunity which could come very soon. ⛅

258/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Please.. dont stay in the prison of stress when the keys are in your hands. πŸ”

259/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz the noblest thing to do is to always choose to see the beauty in every imperfection instead of looking for scars and intentionally scratching those spots until it wounds..over again. πŸ˜’

260/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz i believe that truelove is truly knowing the person. Knowing all of his/her hopes and dreams, flaws and inner beauty, strengths and fears. And still, admiring and caring for that person. Seeing him/her becoming more attractive than ever because of those things. A feeling that grows over time and remain deep in one's heart. It is always by loving and choosing that same person, every waking day, over and over again. ❤

261/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz when you stare in the dark for too long, there's a chance that you might see something that is not there, especially when youre all alone. πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ

262/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

The truth is, you can easily get rid of anyone you have no deep feelings for. Coz their absence wont affect you and their presence wont matter at all. πŸ‘Š

263/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz its possible to move forward regardless of how impossible it seem to be. 🚦

264/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz there are times when some circumstances are totally disheartening, when its difficult to see the presence of life's blessings in every struggles and pain we're all dealing with, when hope seemed entirely clouded in gloom. But no matter how hard life gets, dont forget to smile, (and make sure that its not a fake one.) 😊

All of those, too, shall pass. πŸ’ͺ

265/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

It is when the glass is half empty that you suddenly realize what is missing and what isn't there. And It is when the glass is half full that you feel the urge to value whatever is in it and savor the moment while its still there. 🍺

266/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz the best things in life are not only with the words that are spoken out loud, but mostly with the silent words shown through gestures that is deeply felt by each hearts..that it is truly worth keeping for. πŸ’•☕πŸπŸ‘«

267/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz in life, its best to always choose to be in the right lane so any decisions you may have in mind and everything that follows along with every choice, every move you make will have a strong possibility to turn out all right. 🚦
 268/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Perhaps anyone can take back anything that has been lost, if they can find and recognize that those are the missing pieces. πŸ’­

And if ever, it will still fit..the same way again. πŸ‘€

 269/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz sometimes, life gets a little too boring that we make excuses of why we avoid certain things, why we dont start yet and finish off what we need to accomplish. But maybe, there are these crucial times that a motivating force is quite really necessary. ❤ ..might be a cup of coffee or anything else that will keep one energized. πŸ’ͺ

270/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz maybe, stress is like a snow on the roof. A few flakes scattered on top wont do much harm but as it builds up it can cause a terrible collapse. Release before all else becomes too heavy to bear. Start it with a smile. 😊

271/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz whenever accidents happen, rescue always comes at once. 🚧⚠ πŸ‘€
Maybe sometimes, just like every person facing trouble and difficulties wanted to be rescued, too. But in reality, you dont wait too long for anyone to come for you, it's best to save yourself..immediately. πŸ’ͺ

272/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz sometimes, it may be confusing how much time it would take and how much patience is required. But i guess, waiting for the ice to melt instead of forcedly breaking it into pieces is to be patient enough. ⌚πŸ’§πŸ’§ πŸ’§πŸ’§

273/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz sometimes, even if you want to, you cant stop rain, the same way that you cant just shut out feelings. And maybe, just maybe, its much better to let it flow, feel every bit of it until its completely drained out of you. Then it'll be gone like as if you never even felt it.πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§

274/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz if you look for things that will make you feel wretched, its certain you'll find them. 😒

So its best to let go and rather seek for the things that will fill your heart with gladness. 😊 "Grow a smile brighter than the sun."

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