Sunday, October 16, 2016

#366DayswithMaria: October

 275/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz to be faithful enough is to always choose to believe that good things are, can still happen even in the midst of unfortunate events. 👀

276/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Perhaps to live life to the fullest is not to run away nor give up easily but it is to remain standing and still fighting for every moment. 👫

277/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz consistently adding sugar in our daily life will somehow give us the feeling that there is still a sweet flavor even in every sip of bitterness we might have tasted. ☕

278/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz it seem possible to gain so.much happiness from the little things. 💖 🍫

279/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Dont just exist to fit in, see to it to brighten the corners around you, too. Smile! 😊 🌻

280/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Never be afraid to show your true colors because every color is beautiful as long as you put it in the right place. 😊

281/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Because its possible to find something so special in such an ordinary day. 😊 🎁

282/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

How wonderful it is if difficulties in life were like a piece of cake, that when you eat it completely, bit by bit it'll be all gone. 🍰

283/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz maybe, it doesnt matter how long you live, how much money you earn, how much attention you receive or how many people really cares, what matters is the amount of goodness you radiate in your life. 🌝

284/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Be still and stand a chance. 🍀

285/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Once in a while, take a break from self-analysis and just enjoy the magic of being alive. 🙌

286/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Perhaps there's so much we can do in a very little span of time. ⌚

287/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz ways and means are everywhere, and it must be done not just because you need to, but because you care enough to make it happen. 💪

288/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

A little is never inadequate. Bit by bit, it becomes abundant and do carry great things in it. 😊

289/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Sometimes, life is like a pokestop, that when you spin, it spins out of control. Damn twisted. You never know what you'll get out of it and you clearly have no choice but to take them all.
290/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

"And when at last you find someone to whom you feel you can pour out your soul, you stop in shock at the words you utter— they are so rusty, so ugly, so meaningless and feeble from being kept in the small cramped dark inside you so long." ❤

No matter what, it feels good to be able to have that someone whom you can freely open up yourself without hesitation, who can see strengths in your weakness, beauty in your flaws, wonder in your madness, and will still love every bit of you, the same way as before. And yes, should be the other way around, too.

291/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz maybe, the reason why we cant clearly see and appreciate the wonders in life is because we spend the whole time wondering how we're ever going to survive life every waking day. 🙉

292/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz sometimes, the untruths appear to be more factual than the real truth, so maybe that is why fiction is written and admired by many. 📖

293/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Maybe sometimes, we tend to shout when we underestimate what silence can do. 😮

294/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Ever wondered which is saddening, not being able to say anything or not having anyone who cares to ask? Which is heart breaking, not trying to reach out, or not having anyone to reach for? 👀

Which, I guess.. it's both.

295/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Its hard not being able to say what you truly feel inside, like you have to rephrase the words so it'll sound a bit normal and less dramatic. 💭

 296/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Perhaps we all have little secrets, like its a security password we cant share to anyone. 🔒

297/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

I guess theres always a reason why some things have to happen or why it keeps on happening - maybe, to make us realize things, to make us value what truly matters, to make us become stronger...and so on. 😒

Idk but maybe some reasons has a story behind it that we can never tell to anyone, and usually better left untold. Coz sometimes those stories are simple yet very heartbreaking to let out. (If only we could.)

298/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz the only one to whom we can freely cry our hearts out about everything and knows our deepest secrets, fears, pain and desires is up there. ⛅

299/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz maybe, there's tangles in our life and knot in our hearts we terribly wish to untie.

300/366 🌻 #writefulthought 
There's always time for every thing, if you are willing to make time for it.⌚ 

 301/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Coz maybe, it makes us wonder why some things have to happen the way they do. It can be annoying when sometimes we dont have any clues to answer those stubborn, endless whys. 👀

302/366 🌻 #writefulthought

Isnt it magical to be in a crowd where no one knows you, yet deep inside these unknown faces are people who might just be wishing for the same things as you do. 💒

303/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Perhaps a perfect match is not always about having a lot in common, most likely it is when both feel satisfied with each other's peculiarities and treasure one another's mere existence. 💑

304/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Sometimes, I guess scary can be wonderful, especially when it naturally brings out the courage in us we never thought we had all along. 👻👹💀👿👾👽

305/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

"I wish every day could be Halloween. We could all wear masks all the time. Then we could walk around and get to know each other before we got to see what we looked like under the masks."

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