Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Movie: Then Came You

THEN CAME YOU is a sweet, uplifting tale that reminds us it's not how long we live, but how we live the life we have, that matters.

The film tells the story of Skye (Maisie Williams), a spunky teenager with a terminal illness who befriends Calvin (Asa Butterfield), a 19-year old hypochondriac who is afraid of his own shadow. Calvin helps Skye carry out her eccentric bucket list of things to do before she dies. In the process, he learns to confront and conquer his own fears, including falling in love with the beautiful, but seemingly untouchable, Izzy (Nina Dobrev). - source

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“I realize nobody's coming to save me. I must save myself. I must be my own super hero. Although I am open to a sidekick.”

 When you get sick, like very ill, either you shut out the world, or the other way around. You're lucky if you have at least someone strong enough to believe that maybe, just maybe, you'll survive but I guess even luckier if even after knowing that you'll die soon, they still choose to stick around until the end.
“Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It's the transition that's troublesome.”

Maybe, when you're aware that you have little time left in this world, you'll suddenly think of all the things you want to do, places you wanna go and people you want to be with - that bucketlist turned to-die list. eh?
"Maybe God has a bigger plan for me than I had for myself. Like this journey never ends. Like you were sent to me because I'm sick. To help me through all this.”

“We feel most alive when we are closest to death.”

“I've always believed in savoring the moments. In the end, they are the only things we'll have.”
I kinda loved this scenes where Skye and Calvin's having a fun talk, like they always do since the first time they've met. I wonder how could a stranger would turn out to be someone's happy pill? Yea IKR only happens in movies.  
“If I have to die, let me die fighting.”

“You're supposed to live! Keep going! Your story isn't over. Just my part in it. I won't be here anymore, but no one can take what we've already had, and no one can keep you from living a happy life, except you.”

Calvin made Skye her coffin and the moment Skye saw it, I guess that's the time it hit her that "she's dying" yet she hasn't seen the rest of the world just yet - and she just met Calvin. Maybe, if I'm given a chance to pick my casket, I'd want a pink one with sunflower and cat drawings. But first, let me see the world. Arasso?
"Even someone's gone, their memories will haunt you forever."

I am praying hard for the day that Cancer is just a zodiac sign and no longer a disease.

To whoever battling with illness whether it's this big C or something else, i know, every day feels like dying over and over again, feels like too much painful to live and felt unreal to accept the fact that your days are numbered. been there, felt that. Don't wait for D to get you, still find something to look forward to that will give you strength. Whatever that is, write it down, make it come true, hold on to it with all your heart.  I really think making a To-die list helps a lot coz the adventures, the thrills and excitement in fulfilling the list will somehow make you forget the reality youre in to. If we have to die, let's die fighting, okay? Aja!

To you who took your time reading this, I hope, once in a while, you challenge yourself to experience things you haven't done before, do the things you need to do, be YOU at all times, spend time with the people that makes you feel alive. Don't wait for sickness to come before you truly live the life you want.

 “Life is stressful. That's why they say "rest in peace.”

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