Saturday, November 2, 2013

Day 02 - List your Guilty Pleasures

A guilty pleasure is something one enjoys and considers pleasurable despite feeling guilt for enjoying it. -wikipedia
 Hmm? So to start with...

Trinkets and Beads
The first one in the list. I really love to collect trinkets and beads even when i know i don't really need it. It makes me guilty in a way that i overspend just with these stuffs. I usually bought these treasures in the beads shops at Quiapo, Manila. Most favorite place ever was in Welmanson. Roaming around the place for 4-6 hours wasn't even enough for me, it seems time passes by too fast when I'm here. And yes the guilty part was spending 500php - 1000php up every visit i had here and the worst part is i can't really resist the pleasure i get when buying lovely beads and stuffs that i don't really need but want so badly.

Scrapbooking and Art Materials
I'm not a good artist but i love art and i do enjoy sketching and painting sometimes. I also do clay sculptures before. I bought myself a canvas, some oil paint and sketch pads that i don't use that much after i bought it. I think i just get excited in buying it. Also, i collect scrapbook papers and embellishments that cost a little bit too much but what choice do i have when i really feel happy satisfying my wants. The same way, i feel guilty for spending too much for things i don't need but is enjoyable for me.

Favorite Foods indulgence
Pizza, pastas, chocolates, burger and fries, junk food, cheese, yogurt, sodas/smoothies, ice cream - The fear that those foods has high calories and that it will make me fat is completely forgotten. Well its delicious, absolutely mouthwatering foods you can't refuse.

I guess there's a lot more to be guilty of which i don't want to mention anymore. Haha!
 Well, i feel guilty, but it's a pleasure.

Day two accomplished! ^_^

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