Thursday, February 12, 2015

TOP 11: Sad Heartbreaking Songs

It all sound too hopeless and desperate but that's what a heartbreak is. Those times when you realize things yet too late for another try. When you were replaced by someone else unreasonably. When you had been fooled by someone whom you really loved. When you aren't deserving for second chance. When you have given up but can't let go. When you need to let go so you can move on but still a part of you is begging you to hold on. When you had a lot of things to say but you refuse to talk. When you silently watch people you love walk away in your life, deep inside hoping they would stay. Those never-ending questions of why you had been left behind and why you aren't enough for someone not to leave.

That excruciating pain and extreme effort of trying to pick up yourself when no one else cared to bother your bleeding emotions. Those sleepless nights, endless tears, the broken heart that seems can't be whole again. It's a horrifying truth that sometimes people will never understand your hurts and pain unless they've been through the same battles you had.

Yet for the meantime, these songs could help to slap you big time unstoppably that you may get back to your senses once again. To tell you that there's life after emotional death. No one really dies because of a broken heart, they just stopped living, though.

11. When you only want to love the person yet they choose to leave you anyway.
 10. If it's not happy, it's not yet the ending.
 9. Was it really easier to leave?
 8. Goodbye is always painful.
 7. Some people can't be contented.
 6. Trapped forever in the past's heartaches.
 5. Some people just aren't sure of someone.
 4. Being stupid means loving too much.
 3. This song tells a lot.
 2. Ever felt being the last cookie in the jar with no crumbs of chocolate chips left that made you a lot more bitter?
 1. It never even started yet somehow you lost it. 
Or maybe during those times somebody stole it.

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  1. How come there isn't an OPM song in your list (except for one)?


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