Friday, February 13, 2015

TOP 11: Sweet Love Songs

How was it like to be in love?   Sweeeeet.

It's when reality is better than dreams. It's when you found the missing piece of yourself. It's when you two are flawed but still perfect for each other's view. It's when your differences are spicy flavors to your sweet compatibility. It's even when you don't always say the words "I Love You" but the actions showed it all the time.
It is when you don't own your heart anymore 'coz you had given it away to the one you love.

These may not be the sweetest songs, but these songs tells most of what I felt like to be inlove.

11. Opposite Attracts.

 10. Just swear to the universe.
 9. No matter how many people you meet, there's this one person who had this special place in your heart.
 8. There's forever in everyday.
 7. If it's you, it's gonna be love forever. 
If it's not you, it's just another phase.
 6. Have you had that feeling when it felt like you've known the person some time in the past?
 5. Distance makes love stronger.
 4. Someone will walk into your life and make you feel what love is like.
 3. True love can't go anywhere, just a bit more deeper everyday.
 2. Everyone wants forever but none of them make an effort to attain it.
 1. This song is just so perfect for you and me.

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