Sunday, March 29, 2015

March Away

Summer is officially here!

As much as i want to sound happy (though i really am) i admit this past few months wasn't that good. For whatever that is, it's just very heartbreaking to leave out details. I just really thought it's gonna be a happy start and never-ending. Yeah, I'm a sucker for forever even though i don't believe in that much anymore. Maybe all part of God's plan or it was just all messed up because of a careless mistake, a clear misunderstanding or an effin' selfish-less choice. I don't really know.

I really miss how life used to be. But, i might as well, learned to accept the fact that things around me have changed. People change. and i guess i will. 

Anyway, hope everyone will have a safe and blessed Holy Week! ^_^

"Let Go... Let GOD."

Monday, March 23, 2015

Starbucks: My Coffee Journey

Starbucks is my most favorite cafe ever. Love the ambiance, especially at night – all nice and cozy. It almost felt like being home! I enjoy going here with my friends and also, mostly during "me times" where i spend hours reading..or writing..or sometimes, just pleasantly watching busy people pass by, while indulging with my caramel macchiato, those yummy pastries and some good music that sets me in a content mood all the time.

Also, this is a place where a love story had began. Shared the sweetness in every bite of heavenly desserts. Savored the intensity in every sip of espresso and frappe chills.  Even enjoyed the warmth of the comfy couch situated in that most favorite spot as if those happy moments were endless. Well, as bitter as any coffee, this is also, again, the place where that love story ended.

Though, i may just want to add, a friendly intimate connection may have started if only it wasn't ruptured.

Indeed, i have bittersweet memories in Starbucks that i guess i'll be keeping forever for as long as i could. Even so, this will always be a delightful place for me to stay.

Anyway, a week ago, i came across a Starbucks giveaway which i excitedly joined myself in. It caught my attention for two reasons: (1) It pretty challenged me of what my coffee journey is all about. I mean I've been going in this place a lot of times before yet i seem to have overlooked the goodness in every visit. (2) I've been wanting a planner, that if ever i win this, it would definitely mean something to me.

Though the truth is, i'm more of a silent reader and seldom join online giveaways in such generous blogs because i think my chances of winning isn't high. But of course,  i do try my luck sometimes. And so i never thought i could get so lucky enough with this awesome prize.
Honestly, i wasn't expecting to win this giveaway (but of course hoping i will) so I'm really surprised when i received a notification email last March 15, 2015 that I've won. Yey! Actually at first, upon seeing the subject title, i thought it was an email for all those who joined informing who won, until i saw my name on it. Yeah, that was quite a dumb thought.  I got so overwhelmed that i still can't believe in a few minutes and then cheering out loud for the next half hour. OMG, i really did win something online for the first time ever!
My crooked handwriting showed how much excited i am to write my name on it yiii!
I'm quite sure that the continuance of my coffee journey will be fantastic most especially that i have this SB planner to keep all my wanderful experiences throughout the year. Thanks much again, Candice for sharing this with me. 

                                                                                                                                    Till next! :)

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Book: Be #SuperEpic by Mighty Rasing

Sypnosis: We want to “change the world.”
We want to create #SuperEpic impact to our world.

Learn leadership lessons from Spiderman, Batman, Human Torch, Cyclops (X-Men), Nick Fury (Avengers), The Hulk, and Superman.

It’s an exciting time to be a young person: May Powers Ka to be #SuperEpic! -source

Review: Seriously, how could we possibly be 
superrific without the super powers, like our favorite heroes possesses?

Worry no more! 

This book is definitely the key to build super natural powers within ourselves. A guide to everyone, mostly the youth, to awaken us from the deep slumber of hopelessness and help us find the kind of super heroes hidden beneath us.

The book cover itself, for me, is very impressive. How simple it is yet compelling. Looking at it, a normal person with a super heroic shadow waiting to be discovered and cultivated. I enjoy the stories and was truly fascinated by the relevance of the end chapter to the next one. It's like the forming questions in my mind already have answers abiding on the next pages.

May Powers ka ba to be #SuperEpic is absolutely worth reading for. Every page of it is full of motivational force that will push your mind to think on how to be efficacious in helping making this world a better place to live in. An awe-inspiring work that tackles about true-to-life issues and conveyed spiritual teachings in such an amusing way. This book will surely help you find the super hero in you. Grab a copy now! 

Thoughts: How cool is that if we can be like our idolized superheroes in this world? Of course, without the need of wearing those bright superhero costumes, we all have that chance to be like one of them. As discussed in the book, i may want to put my thoughts on it as well.

Be like Spiderman
The boy-next-door superhero who has the spider web abilities which we do have in a modern way of being connected in the World Wide Web and be widely exposed into a lot of information that will help us boost our spider sense - to be vigilant and know what's happening around the globe in just a few clicks, spider grip - to hold on the things that matters the most and spider strength - to be powerful in body and mind.

Batman Forever
Definitely there's no forever but there is something in Batman that we should attain for the rest of our lives. That is, his strong urge to train rigorously - intellectually and physically. Embracing his extraordinary purpose to rid Gotham City of evil and crime. Well, it doesn't tell us to do exactly the same but in our own little way of making ourselves better and being compassionate to other people is more than enough to make a small change with a bigger effect in our world. Every one of us has a purpose, we just have to figure it out.

Flame on like Human Torch
His great ability to turn into flame without burning out is something everyone needed in order to stay in the right track. Also, each one of us is a light, not to be kept or covered but is meant to shine, We all have our moments to sparkle like a star, to be bright as the sun in our own small acts of great deeds.

Eyes like Cyclops
The destructive Optic Blast power of Cyclops is a power quite tempting to have. As the author said, "Makuha ka sa tingin" power that is not effective on some people who doesn't understands us or could be pertaining to be worst enemies that we wanted to have the power to hurt them as soon as our eyes met theirs. But, in reality, it won't be and that's way too cruel. Something about better with this is vision. The right way to respond and see what's beyond the difficulties in every situation. To be laser-focused and be able to create solutions in every problem that may arise.

If one can find and have a clear vision to do good works, then that's the path to becoming SuperEpic, author stated.

Team Avengers
Two minds or more is always better than one. And to have super natural powers like the Avengers is surely a great advantage. To have committed people with different abilities, as mentioned in the book, the people needed to make a successful team is to have The Mastermind, The Cheerleader, The Skeptic, The Director, The Mentor and The Connector.

The Hulk Smash
Smash the problem. not the people. Keep calm and manage conflict, As much as possible, avoid emotional outburst. Focus on the problem and not on the outburst. Separate the person from the issue.  Be real honest and know when to walk away. These are the facts stated in the book that i definitely super duper mega agree with. It actually cleared a confusion I've just had. It's true, we all have that hulk moment that we can't seem to control our anger. The good thing is, we don't transform into a green monster but somehow i guess can be like a reddish glaring monster..muhaha! Sometimes, we become too emotional that we lose track of the real issue and gets easily diverted by the conflicting thoughts. There could be times when disagreement may seem overpowering that it's much better to stop than to push hard on something that doesn't match. Letting the situation cool down for a while or walking away from an argument could save the people involved from breaking.

Be Superman but beware of the Kryptonite
Superman has always been one of the famous superheroes, but every hero has it's weakness (insert Superman song here) To be a leader of a group or a boss of a company is definitely a tough job. It's like being super in a way that you need to be strong and capable all the time. Well, students, employees and self employed people do experience it as well.

To sum it all up, living in this world, indeed is a big challenge for each one of us. As normal people, we need the geek abilities of Spiderman, attain the hard working skills like Batman, control the continuous flame of passion without burning out like Human Torch, a laser-focused vision like Cyclops, build committed people to make a powerful team like The Avengers, hold the anger management like The Hulk and have the durability to keep away from the kryptonite that may weaken us being like Superman.

From there, we could be one step closer to be Super Epic!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Book: Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult

A mother's love. 
A daughter's search for truth. 
A mystery that will not rest…

Sypnosis: 13-year-old Jenna Metcalf is on a quest, searching for her mother, Alice, an elephant researcher, who disappeared 10 years earlier after a tragic accident at their sanctuary for former circus/zoo elephants in New England. Leaving Time explores the mother-daughter relationship, be it elephant or human, and the idea that those we can't forget are never truly gone. -source

Review: This book is amazingly riveting..loved it! Just that, i think the research about elephants in this novel is way too much to take, however it is indeed informative. I was actually convinced that Alice Metcalf ran away that it made me eager to know her reasons why she left and also the truth about what really happened in the accident at the elephant sanctuary coz Serenity and Virgil's brainwork got me really confused. And yes the massive twist and turns of the story - only to find out in the near end that Alice's daughter Jenna, who had been searching for her was the one who got lost..i mean died a decade ago. And all along Jenna and Virgil was both ghosts who have unfinished business..i suppose.

I love the part when Serenity and Virgil being truthful to each other in a way that they are horribly flawed but that didn't seem to matter. I loved some of the lines that actually felt it was intended for me. I wouldn't also miss the part of the page when the title was mentioned and what it meant. That's quite simple but so deeply moving.

The ending took me completely by surprise and left me all puzzled. Like, there's still missing parts of the story or maybe that is for the reader to conclude what they think might have happened next and to the other characters as well.

People who run away either have something they're trying to reach or something they're trying to avoid. 
Precisely. Some people aren't really missing rather they just don't want to be found or the obvious fact that you're not included in the people they want to be in their lives. Which is way too harsh if you're the other person attempting to get near to someone who shunned away. Or possibly being together is a future dream but the turn of events made it too hopelessly complicated for both. Everyone has their own reasons although at times it's quite unacceptable. Sometimes, people leave not that they want to, but because they need to and most probably, that's the most stupidest rightful choice ever that they shouldn't have done at all.

Everyone else surely has something that they've lost or maybe on the process of it and missing the part that once belonged to what become now is just an empty hole. Some are lucky to get it back, most are just helpless to find their luck. True, there are certain people who come in our lives to fill in the gaps of our brokenness and magically make us whole again. Only that, each time someone leaves us, there's always a part of ourselves that become dented, torn apart and gradually turned back into a gaping hole, all over again. Such an impasse.

There's a lot of truths and lessons to be learned from this book. Particularly, of how to cope up with losing and finding — of losing something, someone, you've never really had and finding what you've been looking for, only to lose it again in the end.

It's even true that sometimes forgiving and forgetting isn't mutual. And i believe that when you lose someone, they cannot be replaced easily nor be forgotten rather they occupy the allotted empty space in your heart. 

I guess in this life we are like donuts. Lucky if you're the bavarian kind of donuts. No holes, just full of flavored fillings! Well, not bad at all if you're like the regular donut with a hole, it's the bestseller ever. For whatever that means. 

Why did i ever think of that? Funny thought but guess true.

With the holes in the center part of ourselves, life can still, will always be sweet.