Saturday, December 31, 2016

OWARI: #366DayswithMaria

366/366 🌻 #writefulthought 

Hooooooray for today! I made it! 😃

Honestly at first i thought i wont be able to complete this daily challenge that i put myself through. 😁 There are days when i cant think of anything to say, and days when i feel like writing all my feelings and make it all fit in one post. Many times i had too much hugot and #excusethstdamndamin thingy. Saaaaaahreeeee! 😂 Srsly, the first time that i wasnt able to post on time, i was soooo heartbroken (coz i wanted it to be the same exact day posting) but maybe there are those things that wont happen the way we expect them to be, that it should really happen the way theyre supposed to be. 👀

There are so many lessons that this 366 days journey had given me, realizations that awaken me and writeful thoughts i never thought i could let out and share. And one of the best thing ive learned is that when you really focus to do something (no matter how big or small) when you put your heart to it, you magically tend to push yourself to make it happen, regardless of what comes along the way, you still managed to stick to your goals and fulfill it. 🌻

To believe in oneself is really damn real. From the #366DayswithMaria i thought i wouldn't finish yet here i am on the very last day. It may be a little thing but for me, the big thing about this is i believed i can. I know better now, and so i'll always will. ❤

Thank you Blogger family for being with me the whole year! 😙


                                                                                      Writefully Yours,

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